Taralli Memories

Yesterday I spent the day with my parents, as my mom recently got home from the hospital after having some surgery complications. It was great to be with them to and help my mom out for the day.

On the way down (they live an hour from me) I stopped at a bagel place near their house to get my new favorite, egg everything. These don’t exist near my place so I take advantage whenever I’m visiting!



While my mom was resting, my dad showed me what he’s been up to in his garden and we fed the fishies.


One recently jumped out and committed fishie suicide…my dad is quite saddened by this, as it was his favorite.

Afterwards, we headed to a new-to-us Italian market called Livoti’s to get some ingredients to make a special dinner for my mom.


I was excited to see that they had taralli, which is an Italian snack that is shaped in ovals. They can be made with many flavors, but the fennel ones I enjoy most, as they remind me of my grandfather. I have memories of him eating fennel taralli when I was a child and whenever I smell fennel, it fills me with nostalgia for him.


We picked up about 6 of the fennel flavored tarallis to snack on.

The assortment of Italian foods at the market was definitley impressive. From Brooklyn breads to proscuitto stuffed everything, it was hard to choose.


We decided on their broccoli rabe flavored chicken burgers, potato croquettes, and ingredients to make an Italian salad (recipe to come soon).


Can you tell we’re excited?

Once arriving home, we snacked on some fresh mozzarella slices and taralli as a light lunch before taking my mom to the doctor.


Later came dinner. The burgers, side salad, and croquettes were delicious and enjoyed by all.


Can’t have dinner without dessert! My uncle Sal owns and operates an Italian bakery and his black and white cookies are famous. I mean it, they’ve been written about in magazines! He visited my mom recently and she saved me some because they’re my favorite <3.


I’m so happy I got to spend time with my mom and take care of her, help her, and just be with her.

Have you ever tried taralli? If so, which flavor? 

What is your favorite Italian snack?


2 thoughts on “Taralli Memories

  1. I’m so jealous I didn’t make it that day!!! Everything looks so delish :). We have to go to that market .. Love the first pic of dad lol he’s too funny

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