Italian Home Cooking: Salad with Homemade Dressing

This is such a super easy recipe that my mom and her sisters use to make a salad with dressing. It’s quick and saves you money on bottled salad dressing that is most likely loaded with calories anyway!

Start out by washing your lettuce. We’ve made this salad with a head of romaine, but prefer an arugala blend, which is what was used here.

Slice 2-3 tomatoes and put into the salad.


Mince about 5 cloves of garlic…


and sprinkle on top of the lettuce.


Add a dash of salt.


Now for the dressing: Squeeze the juice of two lemons onto your salad or in a lemon press (be sure to remove seeds).


Finally, drizzle in some extra virgin olive oil or vegetable oil.


Mix well with hands. Mom says you gotta do it with your hands!


Some other options that my mom occasionally adds, depending on what she has on hand: sliced black olives, cucumber, and/or chickpeas.

How easy was that?! Now as my dad would say, Italians love to eat their salad AFTER the main meal, as is done in Italy. Whenever you want to serve it, it will be delizioso!

Do you have an easy homemade dressing recipe? Please share!


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