Summer Farmer’s Market

Several years ago, Pete and I stumbled upon a flyer for the Dvoor’s Farmer’s Market in Flemington, about a 20 minute drive from where we live.


We happened to be at the library when we saw the advertisement and knew immediately we wanted to check it out. Ever since then we visit on Sundays in the summer as often as we can.


This farmer’s market offers a variety of vendors anywhere from local farmers selling produce to vineyards offering samples of their wine.


There is also several stands with flowers, herbs, and/or vegetable plants.


Live music.


An area to sit and enjoy your purchases.


There’s definitely something for everybody.


Honestly, I find the farmer’s market to be a bit pricy, but I do enjoy supporting local farmers and knowing that what I’m putting on my plate was grown locally.


Our purchases cost us $12, but are so fresh and delicious that it’s worth it.


A while back I saw a pin on Pinterest on how to clean produce and figured today would be the perfect time to try it out.


It actually worked really well! All the dirt fell to the bottom and the produce was sparkly clean. Definitely a great tip!

Once we got home, I was pretty hungry for lunch and wanted something healthy and balanced. I decided to go with a sliced up bell pepper to dip in hummus and a toasted slice of wheat bread with peanut butter. Got my veggies, carbs, and healthy fats- yum!


Now it’s off to the gym for a workout- I’ve been doing the Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up and am loving it- will post more about it tomorrow.

Hope you’re having a wonderful Sunday!

Do you go to a local farmer’s market? How do you find the pricing?


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