You’ve all seen the Yoplait commercials…girl chooses 90 calorie Yoplait light over sugar cookie, doughnut, etc.

I’ve had my share of “swapportunities” lately (although not with Yoplait light) that I’m proud of and wanted to share!


  • The “evil” cake. Every so often it is brought into my job and left in the faculty room. Buttery. Full of powdered sugar. Empty calories. Swapped for a raspberry Chobani with Bare Naked granola.


  • Ice cream party for class winning a Box Tops competition. Ice cream cup loaded with sprinkles, hot fudge, and whipped cream. Swapped for deliciously ripe strawberries from the farmer’s market.


  • Had a Panera dinner date scheduled…that is until my friend suggested Maggiano’s. One of my favorite Italian restaurants. Family style. Several courses. Way more food than I need on a Wednesday night. Swapped for our original plan…a healthy 1/2 Roasted Turkey BLT and 1/2 Caesar Salad from Panera.

I’m proud of myself for making better decisions, as this is a goal of mine. I have a major sweet tooth. I absolutely love eating out. However, a strong rule of thumb I strive to live by is “everything in moderation.” For example, would it have been so wrong to go to Maggiano’s? No, absolutely not. However, I know I’m going to an Italian restaurant on Sunday, so I made what I felt was a good decision by not having a heavy Italian restaurant dinner twice in one week. Thus I will continue to have swapportunities :).

*I do want to point out that I realize these commercials can be a trigger for some and I hope my message is not coming off as we should be obsessed with weight and/or calories, but rather one just trying to make healthier decisions. 

What are some “swapportunities” you’ve made lately?

What message do you feel these commercials send?


3 thoughts on “Swapportunity

  1. very proud of you!!!! Oh, and I’m glad your class one the box top competition.. Glad I didnt take the rest of those from moms lol!

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