Who Leaves Their Tickets at Home?


Last night Pete and I had tickets to go see The Postal Service at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.


Yes, we got there, but it wasn’t easy.

Brooklyn is about 50 minutes from where we live. To play it safe, we left our house at 4:30 for a show starting at 8:00. We were fine, cruising right along, until we hit the traffic back up from the Holland Tunnel.


Hours of traffic.

While sitting in said traffic trying to entertain ourselves, Pete turns to me and asks, “You have the tickets, right?” Um, no. Gulp. Neither of us remembered to grab the tickets to the show. We remembered pretzels, drinks, tissues, books, etc but not the only thing needed to get into the show.

We immediately called Stub Hub where we purchased the tickets to see if there was anything they could do. They tried to contact the seller to see if they had electronic copies that we could download and print somewhere. No luck getting in touch with them. After about an hour of waiting, at 7:22 we got a call back. Stub Hub felt really bad and refunded our tickets and actually let us use the credit to buy better tickets which were somehow cheaper. Say what?! Needless to say we jetted over to the center.

After 4 hours, we finally walked into the Barclays Center while the opening act was on.

We made it!


Pete and I each grabbed a slice of pizza to watch during the opening act and let me say…worst pizza I’ve ever had. I’ve had better pizza in a roller rink, I kid you not. But oh well!


The Postal Service came on shortly after and it was a great show!


I’m really happy we got there because Pete has always wanted to see them and they hardly ever tour. It would’ve been a bummer if we had driven 3 hours into our ride to have to turn around and go home. Thank you Stub Hub!


Ever done something so ridiculous as leaving your tickets at home?


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