Daddy’s Little Girl

Living an hour from my parents, every time I get to see them fills me with joy. I’m especially looking forward to heading down and spending time with my dad this Father’s Day!

I find it hard to put in words how much my dad means to me. I’m his little girl in every way.


Growing up it was hard to miss our striking similarities. Hippies. Music lovers. Gardeners. Photographers.


We have so many interests in common and have always been extremely close.


Walking down the stairs on my wedding day was one of the most memorable moments of my life. Seeing my dad at the bottom the stairs waiting to turn around to his little girl was incredibly moving.

072712 Maria & Peter 218

My mom, siblings, spouses, and I are taking my dad to a restaurant called Angelina’s today for a Father’s Day dinner. It’s a new to us restaurant that we are excited to try. I’ll fill you in on how it was this week :).

I love you, Dad! Happy Father’s Day!

How are you spending your Father’s Day?


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