Small World

Recently we got together with some friends to celebrate my BFF Lauri’s House Anniversary- every year she has people over on the anniversary of when she bought her first house.


We got all dressed up and I was excited to wear my new Stella & Dot necklace, Campari. I love their stuff and wish I had the guts to become a Stylist…anyway, I digress!

For the party, I made my “famous” spinach dip at the request of Lauri. It’s such a simple recipe and has always proven to be a real crowd pleaser.


Plus it’s easy to transport. I put the bread in a gallon ziploc, the dip in a tupperware, and assemble once I arrive.


Once all the guests arrived, we gathered around her dining room table for great food and conversation. Lauri’s mom made “sub dip” which was literally whatever you’d expect on a sub chopped up, mixed together, and served on sliced bread.


Unfortunately I did not try it because it had a lot of red meat, which I do not eat. But it did get rave reviews.

Recently I found out that my favorite Spinning instructor of all time, Mark, is Lauri’s next door neighbor. Small world! He was at the party too and was a riot.


I also met a girl who knew one of the former teachers at my school!

The star of the show came out soon after…Dunkaroo Dip! Do you remember Dunkaroo’s from when you were a kid? The graham crackers served alongside the vanilla frosting?


Oh, so amazing, was definitely a childhood favorite of mine. Well, it’s apparently a popular Pinterest recipe!


This was sooo incredible served with pretzels, animal crackers, and, um, sugar cookies ;).


We had a blast meeting new people, hearing funny stories, enjoying some treats, and laughing it up. Thanks, Lauri, for a great night!

Tell me about a “small world” experience you’ve had!

What is your go-to appetizer for parties?


6 thoughts on “Small World

  1. One of my go-to appetizers is to use spinach-artichoke dip (or any other filling) in wonton wrappers. Just spray a muffin pan with cooking spray, line with wonton wrappers so it forms a shell (wonton wrappers are usually located in the produce section with the pre-cut vegetables) and spoon in about a tablespoon or so of your dip. Bake for 350 for 15-20 minutes, until the wonton wrapper turns a slight golden brown. I always get great comments about using wonton wrappers

  2. All of those appetizers sound soooo good but you had me at Dunkaroos. Man those were awesome, and they NEVER gave you enough frosting. Well problem solved. Love it.

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