End of Year Gifts

Woo hoo! Happy last day of school! Summer glorious summer is here ;).

Though many schools in NJ still have a few more days due to Hurricane Sandy, my school year came to an end today. This inspired me to create a post of some of my favorite end of the year gifts. This includes gifts I’ve received, gifts I’ve given, and ideas for teacher gifts. Hopefully this list will help you out if you’re in need of an idea. Let’s get started, shall we?

(I must apologize for several blurry pics…most taken with camera phone).

Gifts for Homeroom Moms

Every year I’ve been teaching, I’ve done the same gift for the end of the year.


I buy a tote from Land’s End (I use this size). For inside the bag, I purchase a beach ball and that is where I write my thank you card.

Dear (homeroom mom’s name),

I hope you have a “ball” with (child’s name) this summer!

Thank you for all of your help!

Then, I blow up the beach ball and place it inside the bag. I actually bought too big of beach balls this year and couldn’t blow them up all the way or they wouldn’t fit!


For the past two years, I also had the idea of adding in some cookies. Each spring when Girl Scout cookies are being sold, I buy two boxes of “Thank You Berry Much” cookies and place those inside the tote as well.

This gift has always been a big hit!

Another gift idea for homeroom moms is also a hanging basket.


I actually received this today from my aide and thought it was a great idea for future homeroom moms, teachers, and/or aides.

Gifts for the Teachers of My Future Children

My partner teacher has two boys and came up with such an adorable idea for their teachers this year, one in which I definitely intend to steal.


She wrote a poem using the names of candy bars on thick poster board and duct taped the candy bars to the board. How cute it that?!

Another gift I would buy for future teachers is gift cards. I love the idea of a Visa gift card so the teacher can choose what they’d like to buy. Or even a restaurant gift card so he/she can have a nice meal out. Some people think gift cards are not very thoughtful, but I appreciate receiving them and having the option to purchase what I’d like!

Favorite Gifts I’ve Received

My all-time favorite gift was an herb garden that I received last year.


Basically, it was four herbs (thyme, basil, parsley, and rosemary) planted in a pot. It also had a chalkboard sign on it with a message written from the student. Adorable and was used all summer long!

A gift I enjoyed this year was a mug filled with goodies.


Inside was a Dunkin Donuts gift card, a Mrs. Fields cookie, and Biscoff cookies. It was wrapped in cellophane and ribbon of our school colors. Such a fun idea to do a coffee theme!

Welp, hope this list helped spark an idea in you!

What are some creative gifts you’ve purchased for your child’s teacher?

What is a unique gift you’ve received? 


3 thoughts on “End of Year Gifts

  1. awww these are such cute ideas! I never would have thought about the beach ball gift, and I definitely wouldn’t mind receiving one of them goodie baskets either 😛 I just had my baby but now I’m already inspired to do these things for when she gets older. And thank you so much for the kind comment!

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