Week at a Glance: 6/23/13

What an exciting week ahead…the first week of summer vacation! In the summer, I am extremely devoted to fitness and nutrition mainly because I have more time to be. I always eat better and work out harder than during the school year, it’s just the nature of having off.


Pete has 3…count ’em…3 softball games at night this week. That always makes meal planning a little more challenging since he doesn’t get home until around 8:30. Therefore, I try to make meals that can easily be reheated or prepared and not thrown in the oven until he’s on his way home.

  • Monday: French Bread Pizza (using this recipe; I’ll prepare his separate from mine and put it in the oven about 10 minutes before he gets home). We love this meal and it’s on our “rotating” list.
  • Chicken Pesto Pasta (Pete’s alltime favorite meal. Can be easily reheated when he gets home from his game. Will take pics and post recipe.)
  • Grill & Side Salad
  • Breakfast for Dinner: Southwestern Omelets and Hash Browns
  • Colleen’s Birthday! Having friends over for appetizers, drinks, and dessert to celebrate my friend’s birthday.

Pete will be home for dinner Wednesday, however, I’m going out to lunch with some friends for Thai food. Therefore, I kept the meal for that night simple and light. I can just have some salad if I’m still full from lunch.


Saturday started Week 3 of the Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up. I have found Workout 3 to be the most challenging so far- I was sweating buckets doing the strength. Then to follow it with cardio?! Intense! The circuit style interval of this week keeps me entertained and engaged the whole time.


As stated many times, it’s great how I can make this my own and adjust the workouts as necessary. My schedule for the week looks like this:

  • Saturday: Workout 3 + Speed Surge
  • Sunday: Off
  • Monday: Body Step (replacing Scenic Steady State)
  • Tuesday: Yoga (as the Flexibility option)
  • Wednesday: Workout 3 + Leg Burner
  • Thursday: Workout 3 + HIIT
  • Friday: Spinning (not part of SSU, but have been waiting since last summer to be able to take Mark’s Friday Spin class again!)

While you need to sign up to see the workouts, I can tell you one exercise completely challenged me in new ways- the renegade pushup row.


Holy moly!


Before I begin a new fitness regime, I typically have Pete take pictures of me so I can monitor my progress. Yes, I weigh myself and use the body fat feature, but I don’t always trust scales and weight fluctuation. Pictures, however, cannot lie.

Recently Updated6

I’m not very comfortable with sharing pics of my body, simply because I’m not comfortable with my body. However, I think I can handle sharing the ab shots for now and maybe build up to full body ones in the future. The “before” pic was taken before I started Summer Shape Up. The current one was taken after completing Week 2.

I’ve also seen progress in my arms. Where I’d like to see more is back, butt, and legs. Oh well, I’ll see how the Week 4 pictures look in a few weeks!

Do you find yourself more dedicated to fitness and nutrition in a certain season?

What is a new-to-you challenging exercise?


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