Cheers to 35 Years

Yesterday was certainly an occasion to celebrate- the 35th wedding anniversary of my parents! The family headed to Aqua Blu in Toms River where my brother Neil is the manager. Shameless plug, but it you’re ever in the Seaside Area, it’s right over the bridge on 37 and has amazing food!


Neil had put in an order for a few appetizers, one of which was a butcher board of assorted meats, cheeses, eggplant, roasted red peppers, and olives.


The eggplant was very salty which is right up my alley. I paired some with the cheese and roasted red peppers for a delightful treat. Other appetizers included calamari, which the crowd said was some of the best they’ve had (I do not eat seafood but trust their judgment!) and bread to dip in the made-in-house olive oil.

While waiting for our meals, we snapped some pictures of the lovely couple. Love how my mom is dreamily staring at my dad, even after 35 years.



Before leaving for the restaurant, I had taken a picture of a picture (wild, right) of my sister, brother Joe, and I on my parent’s 25th wedding anniversary 10 years ago. We decided to recreate it!


Whaddya think?! Pretty spot on I’d say!

We took some more sibling pictures, including my older brother Neil.


Cracking up at my nephew, Cameron, creepin’ in the corner!

Our entrees arrived and looked spectacular. I had went with a margarita pizza and enjoyed a few slices before feeling stuffed. I’m going to enjoy the leftovers in place of the pizza I had on my meal plan to make tonight for dinner.


Always room for dessert!


Apple pie with a scoop of vanilla- yes please ;).


I’m grateful and honored to have witnessed the love and strength of my parent’s marriage. They are amazing role models for their children every single day. We love you and Happy Anniversary!


How many years have your parents been married? What have you learned from their marriage?


5 thoughts on “Cheers to 35 Years

  1. Aw, what a sweet post for your parents! 35 years is something to be majorly proud of! They’re so cute. And I would say you guys did a great job recreating the picture too!

  2. I love our parent’s generation where they tend to stay married, and be able to celebrate those lengthy years of marriage. Congrats to your parents. My parents have been married for 36 years now. I think it’s great.

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