Summer Getaway Outfits

Monday and Saturday looked oddly similar for me…almost identical! Both included Starbucks and a trip to J Crew for some summer retail therapy! Only difference was Saturday my friend Katherine was with me.


Iced White Chocolate Mocha and Very Berry Coffee Cake- mmmmm it’s been too long!

Next week we are going to Niagara Falls for a 4 day family vacation. When shopping, I was looking for lightweight tees and outfits that can easily be layered with a cute coat. I’ve never been to Niagara Falls before, but from what I gather from, it can be a little cool near the water and at night. Here are my purchases between Saturday and Monday.


1 on sale / 2 / 3 almost sold out / 4 on sale / 5 on sale in stores, sold out online / 6 sold out online

The roller girl shorts, pineapple tee, and polka dot shorts are appearing off and on online, but are pretty much sold out. Find quickly in stores!

Using some of these items, items I’ve recently purchased, and Polyvore, I put together a few outfits.


This outfit I thought would be perfect for a day where the weather gets cooler. I could start with the pink tank, layer with the pineapple tee as temps drop, and throw on my Nolita denim jacket at night. Sandals are T-Strap Braided Sandals from American Eagle.

My second outfit I am planning on wearing July 4th.


I couldn’t find the roller girl shorts on Polyvore, but that’s what I’d wear as a bottom. The addition of the Stella & Dot campari necklace adds a touch of red, making it the perfect Independence Day outfit. As for the shoes, I’m waiting for a good Banana Republic coupon to purchase, but they are the Mariah sandals.

I’m definitely looking forward to this trip, as my immediate family will all be there. Plus, any excuse to go shopping always works for me ;).

How do you dress for changing temps?

Have you purchased any new summer items recently? Share links!


5 thoughts on “Summer Getaway Outfits

  1. Super cute outfits! I love the mix of patterns and that necklace is gorgeous. You are going to be styling it up at Niagara Falls!
    I prepare for changing temps by packing my entire closet. Yeah, I’m that person at the airport rearranging my crap so I don’t have to pay the heavy baggage fee. I need help. 😉

    • Haha that’s fantastic! Yea, I’m trying to fit everything for a 4 day trip into a carry on size bag but I’m thinking that’s not gonna happen- my fam’s going to think I’m nuts!

  2. I haven’t purchased anything for summer just yet, but I need to. Make sure you carry a big bag with you if you decide to do some of the things at the Falls. They give you some shoes to wear so your shoes don’t get wet, and you will end up carrying your shoes and everyone else’s shoes around 🙂

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