Throwing a Friend’s Birthday Bash

On Friday night, Pete and I had some peeps over to celebrate my friend Colleen’s birthday. On the menu was the following:

  • Spinach Dip (obviously)
  • Cheese and Crackers
  • Pepperoni Stromboli
  • Veggie Stromboli
  • Proscuitto Stromboli
  • Wine Slushie (oh, yes)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich Cake (recipe forthcoming)

As always, when preparing for a party I set the table and put out all serving platters the night before.


I also had the idea of using our bistro table as a mini bar and set up wine glasses, some wine, and later drinks that were brought over. Oh, and the wine slushie. Can’t believe I forgot to take pics of that!


The morning of, I made the ice cream sandwich cake, which took about 10 minutes of prep time for such a delectable treat. I’ll definitely be sharing that recipe- it was divine! I also cut up the cheese, mixed up my spin dip, and prepared the 3 strombolis.


Our guests arrived around 6 and our table grew with some more apps including goat cheese stuffed dates, kale dip and mini caprese bites.


Sorry about the lack of pics…still not 100% comfortable with whipping out the camera to take food pics in front of an audience!

For pretty much the entire night, we gathered around the dining room table enjoying food, good stories, and drinks.


After apps and stromboli, we lit the cake and sang to the birthday girl!


Hope Colleen had a great night- happy birthday!

What was on the menu of a recent get-together you hosted?

How do you overcome picture taking shyness?


One thought on “Throwing a Friend’s Birthday Bash

  1. Wow that looks like one wonderful and super tasty party! I love how you included some simple cheese and crackers. You can never go wrong with cheese! 🙂 And goat cheese stuffed dates?? I have got to try those! I bet the sweetness of the dates paired perfect with the goat cheese.
    I can’t wait for the dessert recipe! Especially since it looks like you used mini pb cups as a topping 😛

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