Bringing Back an Old Fav

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! Hope you have great plans and an amazing holiday. We are currently driving up to Niagara Falls and are really looking forward to our 4-day getaway. I’m not sure about the computer/internet situation there so this may be the last you hear from me until Monday. So for now, I’ll share my day yesterday :).

Currently I am in Week 4 of The Fitnessista’s Summer Shape Up. Since I’m a week behind and SSU is technically over for everyone else, all of the passwords have been removed and you can access the workouts. My day started with Workout 4, shown below.


A killer! I broke it up a bit and did the lunge combos, then the cardio, then finished the rest of the strength. The cardio for today was very challenging. It was called “Speedy Hills” and basically you sprint on a hill for 30 seconds, recover for one minute, and repeat for a total of 25 minutes. Sweaty mess!

Once I got home, I made an old favorite for breakfast…


Blueberry Kashi waffles with a spread of peanut butter topped with bananas. I don’t think I’ve had this since last summer! It’s one of my summer staples, just like yogurt bowls. This will definitely be reoccurring very frequently.

After a much needed shower, I headed for a pedicure. I wanted something different than the toned down pinks I usually choose so I went with hot pink. Lovin it!


Pete and I had plans to go to a friend’s house that evening and I volunteered to bring a dessert. I decided to make the Dunkaroo Dip that I told ya’ll about here and let me say…it was just as amazing as I remember it! And soooo easy to make. 3 ingredients people!


I will definitely be sharing this recipe on the blog!

After I finished packing for Niagara, we headed over to our friend Matt’s house.


Awww ❤ my hubby.

The boys played quoits while the gals chatted on the sidelines.


When it started getting dark, Matt and Pete started up the fire pit and dragged over a tree from who knows where!


Typical. The girls headed inside while the guys hung around the fire. We didn’t stay too late because someone (ahem…Pete) waited until the last minute to pack. Fun night though!

Anyways, have a great holiday and I hope to touch base with you from Niagara Falls! Adios :).

What are your plans for the holiday and holiday weekend?


4 thoughts on “Bringing Back an Old Fav

  1. Dunkaroo dip is the best. I’ll definitely be looking out for that recipe. I’m working on the holiday and the day after, but I do have the weekend off, whcih only happens about every 6 weeks.

  2. Reading this post reminded me that I need to get a pedicure, I need to look into Dunkaroo Dip, and I need more waffles in my life.

    Great pictures!

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