Niagara Falls Day 1: Travel Time

Hi everyone! Thank you for your patience as I took a blog break during my Niagara Falls vacation. Blogging was pretty much impossible because I could not upload my pics to the iPad…sorry! Anyways, we had a fantastic time and I’m excited to update you on our trip starting with…Day 1!

My family departed for Canada at about 8:00 am on July 4. On the trip was my sister Vickie, her husband Jimmy, and their two kids, Cameron and Isabella. My mom, dad, brother Joe, me, and Pete made up the rest for a total of 9. About two hours into our trip, we stopped at a Perkins along the route for breakfast.


My mom and I went with the Brioche French Toast which came with eggs and bacon…or so we thought. My mom’s didn’t come with eggs for some reason so I split my eggs with her and ate about 1 1/4 of the french toast. Pretty good, but didn’t knock my socks off.


Once back on the road, I spent my time during the 6 1/2 hour drive reading and listening to my iPod. We stopped often to use the restroom, walk around, and just to break up the trip.

Recently Updated4

There was a really nice view at one rest stop, so we took some pics. My dad has a fantastic pic of the whole group- gotta get that from him!

After a few more hours of driving, we arrived at the Canadian border. It took about an hour to get through, but it wasn’t that bad. The border patrol checked our passports and we were almost there.


About ten minutes later we pulled up to our hotel, the Hilton. First thing I did was run to the window to check out the view of the falls from our hotel.

Recently Updated5

Not bad if I may say so myself! That’s the “American side” falls on the left and the Canadian Horeshoe on the right, which is kinda blocked by the casino.

Shortly after we headed out for dinner, as we hadn’t eaten anything but snacks since Perkins and were pretty starved. We went to an indoor/outdoor cafe called Coco’s right on the hill down to the falls.


It looked promising from the outside with a roasting pig, live music, and clay pizza oven. Despite the pig, the pizza oven is what caught my eye and I ordered a Margherita Pizza.


Now I don’t know about you, but this is not a Margherita pizza where I come from. This would be a plain…hence, it was not that great.


Once we finished eating, we headed down the rest of the hill to get a closer look at the falls.


Beautiful, breathtaking views!


Hubby and I <3. Me rockin my Fourth of July outfit– gotta sport the red, white, and blue!


Sibling shot.


What a lucky gal I am to be able to experience such magnificence with the people I love most.

See you tomorrow with a closer look at the falls!

Have you ever been to Niagara Falls? Tell me about your trip!



10 thoughts on “Niagara Falls Day 1: Travel Time

  1. So I’m excited to hear about your Niagara trip. I’m looking at some of your pics thinking I’ve just been there. It’s kind of fun to see the trip I went on this summer, through someone else’s eyes!

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