Niagara Falls Day 2: The Falls Up Close

Good morning, readers! Hope you checked out my recap of Niagara Falls Day 1. Onto Day 2 :). Prepare for a photo bomb of a post!

Friday morning began with a trip to the breakfast buffet. I didn’t have my camera, but had a made-to-order omelet with onions and tomatoes alongside some fruit. Pretty tasty!

We got an early start at the falls because there were a few tours/activities we wanted to try out that day. We also hadn’t walked the whole strip yet, so began by doing that.

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Some funny signage along the way.


My sister’s beautiful family posing in front of the falls.


Before heading to Canada, many friends told me I absolutely had to go on the Maid of the Mist, that it was a must-do activity in Niagara Falls. If you’ve never heard of it, it’s basically a boat ride that takes you up close to the falls- very up close!


After waiting in line for a while, it was finally our turn.


Worth.every.penny. The views were spectacular! Seeing the falls this close was completely unlike seeing them from the streets.


Rainbow bridge that crosses over to the American side.


Closer look at the American side falls.


On the American side, you could walk down these balconies/stairs and essentially get soaked while looking at the falls super up close.


My brother, Joe, enjoying the ride!


After this pic of Pete and I, my camera got wrapped in a ziploc bag and shoved deep in my pocket- the mist heading into the horseshoe was insane! Due to this, I did not take anymore pics, but here’s what the boat looks like heading into the horseshoe…


Insane! Looks like a scene from a movie!

After our boat ride, we walked all the way down to the horseshoe side to get a closer view. We also wanted to buy tickets to walk behind the falls, as the idea of that intrigued us.


Our tickets weren’t until 6:00, so we went back to the hotel to relax for about an hour. That’s when the “incident” occurred.

While holding open our door, I wan’t paying attention, turned too fast and literally smacked right into the corner of a wall. The corner sliced my lip open so deep that my parents were worried I would need stitches. There was blood all over my teeth and face and I was pretty much hysterical.


We basically had no choice but to leave since we had 6:00 tickets, so we wrapped up some ice and I walked down looking like I just got beat up! Needless to say I received many stares. Thankfully no stitches were needed and my lip, while it looks disgusting, is healing just fine.


I was a big grump after the incident, as evident in pretty much all pictures that came after. LOL.


The walk behind the falls wasn’t what any of us thought it would be. There were two portals where you could basically see from behind the falls…no biggie.


The coolest part was the observation deck that was very close to the horseshoe falls. Oh look, a happy face!


It took probably all of 15-20 minutes to complete the whole walk.


Next up…dinner! This was my favorite dinner of all the trip. It was at a restaurant called Edgewaters which is right along the main strip of the falls, you can’t miss it if you go there. I had a turkey and cheese panini with fries and it was fabulous. I love how they gave a side of fruit too- yum!


Pete, my bro, and I had plans to hit up the casino that night, so we went back after dinner to get changed and caught a bit of the fireworks show. Every night we were there, there was fireworks- pretty cool!IMG_3614

We didn’t take any pics in the casino, but Pete snapped this one right outside the casino floors.


Gambling commenced for only about an hour. We broke even and decided to call it a night.


See ya tomorrow with our last full day at the falls- one of my favs!

Ever been on a boat ride like the Maid of the Mist?


6 thoughts on “Niagara Falls Day 2: The Falls Up Close

  1. Ouch! your poor lip! glad you didnt need stitches! also i love how underwhelmed you all were at the view from behind the falls, lol you’re so right- i imagined it all magical, but in reality its kinda no biggie. i went to niagara falls when i was little, but i dont remember much. i cant even remember if we went on maid of the mist!

    • Couldn’t agree more- we thought we’d be able to see so much more, maybe through glass/windows or something like that but the whole “walk” was kinda disappointing.

  2. I took a picture of the same sign! Lol!
    That was the one thing that we didn’t do, but wanted to… see the Falls at night. We where always so tired by the end of the day.

  3. I want to gooo back!!!! Edgewaters was definitely my favorite dinner!!! Loved the old school band too!!! Soo much better than the train wreck ladies the night before lol!!! xoxo

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