Niagara Falls Day 3: Niagara-on-the-Lake

Good morning, all! Thanks for stopping by. Today I’ll be sharing our 3rd and final day in Niagara Falls, as Day 4 was spent traveling home. If you missed the earlier recaps, check them out here and here!

While planning our trip, my mom read that there were many wineries located nearby to the falls. As the winos that we are, this was a definite for us! I spoke with a woman at the Hilton concierge and actually was able to score free wine tasting passes for three of the vineyards as well as a map. Turns out the vineyards (there’s over 20 of them) are all in a town called Niagara-on-the-Lake.


I had heard of Niagara-on-the-Lake from a friend who is a travel agent. She highly recommended the town and it’s many restaurants and shops. Well, the road that leads to Niagara-on-the-Lake was where most of the wineries were, so it worked out pretty perfect.


We visited Reif Estate Winery, Peller Estates Winery, and Wine Country Vintners. My favorite was Reif, which is where all of our vineyard pictures were taken. They had an amazing Icewine which I completely regret not buying. Pete enjoyed Wine Country Vintners, which sold a line of wine created by Wayne Gretzky. He bought a bottle of red that he enjoyed.


Wine Country Vintners was located right in the town of Niagara-on-the-Lake and we knew as soon as we entered that we were going to love it. It reminded us of a small New England type town. Quaint and filled with tons of shops, restaurants, cafes, and the like. After tasting our wine, we enjoyed simply walking around and browsing in the stores.


My mom and I found a hat store and each made a purchase- I’m loving my new fedora! It was pretty much glued to my head the rest of the trip.


We also found this amazing store that sold table clothes and runners. I was in love with a table cloth, but couldn’t remember the size of our dining room table. Boo hoo.

After an hour or so of meandering, we stopped in a bakery for a treat. I went with an apple turnover (amazing) and a Vitamin Water. Love how in Canada it’s called Mega C instead of Power C!


On the way back from Niagara-on-the-Lake, we stopped at the whirlpool which is apparently the world’s largest.


I have never seen a whirlpool and in my mind it would be a giant circle that resembles a tornado, but it wasn’t much like that. More along the lines of water swirling together continuously in random patters.


You could ride a gondola over the whirlpool, and while we did not, it was pretty neat to watch.

Once arriving back, we joined up with the rest of the gang who had gone to a water park with the kids for the day. We decided upon a restaurant called My Cousin Vinny’s for dinner. I was having a tough time deciding what to have and ended up ordering a Fig and Proscuitto Panini.


Proscuitto is one of those meats that is hit or miss for me. If it’s very crispy like bacon, I don’t mind it at all. I ate only about half of this sandwich because it wasn’t as crispy as I would’ve preferred. But we did have a very nice experience at this restaurant and the staff was fantastic. They took many pictures of our crew, which was much appreciated.


This is probably my favorite pic from the whole trip- the entire crew!

After dinner, we split up to do different things. Pete and I wanted ice cream from a Coldstone we had seen down near the falls, so we headed down.


Yum- hit the spot!

Once we were done with dessert, we wanted one last look at the falls since we knew we’d be leaving early the next day.


Beautiful. Miss it already!


Hope you enjoyed reading about our trip. I would definitely recommend Niagara Falls as a vacation spot!

Where is your next vacation destination?

Have you ever heard of/tried Icewine? It was completely new to me, yet delicious.


4 thoughts on “Niagara Falls Day 3: Niagara-on-the-Lake

  1. It was great seeing the pics from your vacation.
    I love Ice Wine. I wish that I had also gotten a bottle while i was over there. It sounded like ice wine was one of their specialities. Seemed like it was popular at the wineries.

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