Bargain Hunters

Lately I’ve been really into decorating our house. I mean, much more than usual. I’m sure it has something to do with me constantly reading HG Magazine and watching the new season of HGTV Design Star, but to say I’m obsessed would be an understatement!

I’d say our biggest design challenge right now is the long blank wall that is next to our dining room hutch and behind our couch. It’s part of the big loft-like open space that makes up the living and dining room of our home.


Every person that comes over for the first time has something to say about what we should do with that wall, but we need it to work for us and to be functional.  So yesterday we decided to head out to some antique, vintage, resale type stores to see what we could come up with.


One of the ideas we have is a mini bar. We’d like a unique piece of furniture that could be repurposed as a bar with our liquor bottles and glasses. When I saw this green tray for $30, I thought it’d be perfect if we had that set up.


I also came across these vintage coca cola crates that I thought would be awesome for an herb garden…bookmarking them in my brain for the future. They were $25 a crate. If they had been wine crates, I think I’d have picked them up in a second.


At the second antique store, we stumbled upon this bench. It reminded us somewhat of a church pew, but we loved the antique style. The drawer at the bottom would be perfect for some extra storage. Plus, the price was a steal at $90.

The third store we went to was a furniture resale store. We had high hopes for this place, considering resale typically equates great prices. Well, we really liked the look of this cabinet.


We figured the top would be perfect for the bar we are envisioning and the cabinet at the bottom is perfectly functional for liquor and glasses. However, the pricetag…not so perfect. $295. Say what? For resale? Don’t think so homeboy. Plus I think it’s too small and would get lost on that wall.

On the way out, I noticed this cart.


I thought it would be fantastic as an outdoor bar cart. It was $75, which really isn’t that bad thinking back. But I was just in this mindset that I’m in a resale store, this is all used, and I just don’t wanna pay that much! Silly of me?

Since we didn’t have much luck, we headed over to Pier 1 for some elephant book ends we had spotted on their website (more on those later this week). While there, we became very interested in two pieces.


The first was the Senopati Bench. It has magazine ends on both sides, a drawer for storage, and an exotic look to it that we loved. We thought it would look really good on this wall…


…but we’re just not sure yet. We also like the idea of upholstered chairs with pillows in this space.


For the big blue wall we are loving the Palu Desk, also from Pier 1. Yes, it’s a desk, but we love the idea of it being a unique piece that we repurpose as something else. Plus it’s on sale right now, and if we got the floor model we’d save even more- score! The top of the desk could have the green tray, glasses could go in the little cubby holes, and alcohol bottles arranged on the right.

Welp, we didn’t end up making any purchases but are thinking everything over. We would love to hear your opinions and design ideas for these two spaces and if you think any of the pieces we saw would work!

Also, how were the items at the resale stores priced, in your opinion? We just really thought they were too high for resale!

We’re new at this and would love your feedback!


14 thoughts on “Bargain Hunters

  1. I agree that for a resale store, many of the items you looked at were expensive! I guess maybe they consider it “vintage,” which is what makes it pricey. You can actually paint things and make them look vintage or antique-like; I have some IKEA dressers that I plan on fixing up. The quality is not that great since it’s IKEA, but at least they won’t look cheap 😉 Good luck with the decorating!

  2. i love the idea of making a bar area on the big blue wall. we once found a bar on craigslist and refinished it ourselves. We got it for free and sold it a few years later for $50.00 after all the refinishing.
    And I agree, you need to make that space functional for you. I’m sure you will find the perfect pieces and decorations when you weren’t even expecting to find some!

    • One of the home blogs I read gets amazing pieces from Craigslist, but it’s so hit or miss! I’ve been searching a bit on there, but so far no luck.
      I think you’re right about finding something when we least expect it. I feel we’ll come across something and it will just be an automatic “Yes!” but so far that hasn’t happened.

  3. Ohhh i love the idea of that desk against that blue wall. Although i think if you went with the bar idea and chose a piece of dark furniture, it would looks beautiful too. just depends how you want to use that space- color wise, you seem to know how to play it. and boo about the price of that cabinet, i love that too.

    • I’m so glad to hear you like the desk idea, that’s the piece I’m leaning towards the most right now because I think it can serve the purpose of a bar, but maybe also a console table.

  4. How funn!!! Man, you had me thinking really hard on this one! I think the last piece of furniture would go there pretty well~or like someone said, you can get something cheap from IKEA and fix it up. I’m thinking that you can get vintage decorations from etsy and paste them onto an IKEA furniture, or even one of these that you looked at. And if you change your mind on the vintage stuff, you can certainly get something more “sophisticated” and go with a glass type of table/furniture, and then drill some type of shelf or wine holder on the wall right above that piece of furniture…? I don’t know if this makes any sense!!!! LOL

  5. I love all these ideas! Decorating is so much fun! You could check yard sales for furniture, or even places like hobby lobby sometimes have some cute stuff that is on sale. Hobby lobby has some great posters and metal wall art. I decorated my dorm room with them and loved it! I think some sort of plant would really good on your furniture too. I got a cute little glass vase at Michael’s for like a dollar and put a few sticks of bamboo in it, and it looks super cool! Obviously I’m all about the craft stores 😉

  6. Hey thanks for stopping by on my blog! That wall in your house has a lot of possibilities! Could you post some more photos of the whole room so we could get an idea of what it looks like?
    As for ideas, from just that one angle I would say maybe a long, skinny table would look cool there…maybe as a desk or a place to put things. You could put some cool organizer baskets along the table for keys, magazines, etc. And I think you should definitely hang some art above it. But don’t settle for just anything, make sure it’s a piece you really, really love. I hope these ideas help!

    • Yes, I’m thinking of maybe doing a video tour of the room- because it’s so open I think it’d be hard to post pictures for readers to get a good understanding of the layout.
      Thank you for your ideas- I also agree that we shouldn’t settle. Art work above will definitely be a must. And the organizer baskets is fun! Although if we went with Palu, it has those built in cubbies…see, I’m leaning towards Palu!

  7. Love that desk! I think it would be a fabulous addition. The scale may be a bit small for such a large wall, but if you filled the space above it with a grid of frames that could solve the problem!

    • You know, it’s funny that you say that. Last night we took out the tape measure and figured out the dimensions. The height is good, but we don’t think it’s wide enough for the wall. Back to the hunt!

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