Fashion Lusting

Being home for the summer, my time spent browsing online stores has definitely increased from the school year. I’ve found myself with an ever growing wishlist and felt the need to have them all in one place!

Let’s start with Madewell.

If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with J Crew. Honestly, if I had all the money in the world, I would only want to shop at that store. Well, recently I’ve been browsing their “sister” store Madewell online, but had never been to one. There are only 2 in New Jersey, so I finally bit the bullet yesterday and drove the ½ hour to the nearest one. Glad I did, as I’ve been stalking this Daisy Stitch Sundress.


I purchased the dress and am so glad I did. I’m all about comfort in the summer and to me that equates sundresses. This one is light and airy- perfect for a hot summer day.


Also purchased was the Arrowpoint Cardigan. I’m a bit out of control with cardigans- they probably make up 75% of my closet. But my favorite outfit is a cardigan, cami, skinny jeans, and flats. This one appealed to me because of the unique color block pattern and the linen material. Very versatile.


The last piece I’m lusting over from Madewell is the Arrowstack Necklace. Unfortunately they did not have it in the store and it’s backordered until August 9th  online. Boo hoo.

Moving on to J Crew. What I love about their website it you actually can create a wishlist. If I showed you mine, you’d think me insane. Henceforth, I’ll show you a few pieces I’m loving.

When I went to Madewell, it was in the Short Hills Mall which has a HUGE J Crew. I tried on a couple of pieces from my wishlist.


This is the Edith Miller stripe tank and Seahorse Chino Shorts. I didn’t purchase either because I wasn’t thrilled with the fit. Eh, body image issues. What do you think of them?


What I really wanted from J Crew were the Allie Gladiator Sandals. I went to 2 J Crews. 1 didn’t have them in my size and the other didn’t have them at all. So I’m holding out for now, but am hoping to find them.

Last but not least…Sole Society. Believe it or not, I’ve never purchased anything from Sole Society, but have browsed their website on and off for about a year now. Last week I came across these Freida Oxfords and haven’t stopped thinking about them since.


One of my biggest fashion regrets was returning a pair of J Crew Edie Oxfords I received for Christmas one year. No idea why I did it…regretted it almost immediately. I tried to rebuy them, but they were sold out. Just today I saw a pair of leather oxfords on their website…


But for $248 I think I’m better of with the $59.95 from Sole Society (I bet my husband reading this is shaking his head voraciously yes). Just need to decide what color…brown, burgundy, or fennel.

What is your go-to outfit during all seasons? How about just the summer?

What color oxfords do you think would be most versatile?

Tell me about some fashion lusting you have going on!


8 thoughts on “Fashion Lusting

  1. I’m the same with cardigans, I have about a dozen of them in my closet, in just about every color, and a few doubles. or triples. ahem. I think you look great in the J Crew outfit! I’m off to check out Madewell now 😀

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