Bookshelf Styling

One of my favorite furniture pieces in our new home is a bookshelf that we purchased from Pier 1.


We bought this bookshelf for a few reasons, one being we absolutely loved the design and style of it. The arches on the sides and in the back really appealed to us.


Yet there was a main reason for our purchase. After installing our TV above the fireplace, we needed to hide the wires. We did so by easily covering them with a track, but we still needed a place to put the cable box, internet hookup, DVD player, etc. Enter the shelf. Not only does it hold all of the TV supplies, but it also covers part of the track that encloses the wires. This is a picture from when we first installed the TV and purchased the shelf:


As you can see, it was pretty bare back in February when that picture was taken. Even thought it’s months later, styling this bookshelf has not been an easy task. I’ve scoured Pinterest, blog posts, magazines, and done countless Internet searches on how to style a bookcase. The answer I have finally found? You need to first figure out and define what your style is!

Pete and I have summed up our style as this: As far as home accents go, we are very into Thailand inspiration. Buddha. Elephants. Praying Yogis, etc. However, when it comes to furniture, we have a taste for Rustic Italian. Interesting mix!

I’d say the bookshelf is going to be a forever work in progress, because as we travel and continue our life path, I’m sure we’ll come across amazing accents to add to it. But I’m very happy with how it is currently looking. Here’s Shelf 1:


As you can see, we love pieces that remind us of a calming Thailand inspired lifestyle. The Foil Buddha Head to the left is from Pier 1. The vase in the middle was purchased many years ago at Bombay Company when they still had retail stores. The stores were going out of business and I got many items for a steal! Lastly, the Yoga Monkey is also from Pier 1.

Onto Shelf 2:


This is probably my favorite shelf because it encompasses a lot of who Pete and I are. We are avid readers, and especially enjoy classics. We recently found this set of classics at Barnes and Noble and loved the different colored spines. The set included my favorite classic,Ā Jane Eyre and we purchased Pete’s favorite,Ā Great Expectations, separately (yet it belonged to the same set).


The bookends were just purchased over the weekend from Pier 1. We loved the elephants and felt they fit in seamlessly with our theme.

Shelf 3:


Shelf 3 currently houses two vases from Crate and Barrel called Tavo vases. I was unable to locate them online, but they may still be available in stores. We love the colors and the two different sized pieces, but definitely feel this shelf might be missing something.

The bottom shelf simply houses our TV and internet hookups, as seen in this picture of the entire shelf:


Compared to the many pictures of styled bookcases I viewed online and in magazines, ours is pretty bare. But it represents us and I don’t feel the need to overload it with items that don’t belong. As I stated earlier, I’m sure the collection will grow with time, but I’m very pleased with how it looks now!

Share your thoughts! We’d love to hear your ideas on how to further style our shelf or any recommendations about how it currently looks.



9 thoughts on “Bookshelf Styling

    • Yes, the wire molding worked perfectly. I’ve thought about painting it ivory to blend in with the wall better, but it doesn’t stand out to me as much as it used to.

  1. I love the way it looks! I love the yoga monkey šŸ™‚ The colors of the books paired with the bookends look awesome!

  2. Looks great. My only thought when looking at it is that it needs something on top giving it a little more height and a more finished look.

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