DIY Weekend

Happy Monday! Here’s to an enjoyable week :)!

The past two days, Pete and I were super busy with DIY house projects. On the agenda was a pantry makeover, power washing the house and deck, and installing a dead bolt on our front door. We solicited the help of my dad and were able to bang out all three of those projects on Saturday!


The day started for me with painting the pantry. I’ll be detailing our pantry makeover in it’s own post, but basically we were replacing the old wooden shelving with white close mesh wire shelving. The closet was kinda smelly and scuffed up too so a fresh coat of paint was definitely needed. I think I did pretty good!


While I was painting, Pete was working on power washing the house.


Our house is surrounded by a lot of trees, especially in the backyard. Therefore, the pollen and just general green from the trees tends to build up on our house. Here’s a before and after shot of one section of the house.

Recently Updated8

The power washing really helped! Plus, my dad had the power washer so this project cost exactly $0. Love that!

Simultaneously, my dad was working on installing a dead bolt on our front door. For this, we needed a hole saw, which attaches right to a power drill. We were able to pick this up, as well as the drill bolt, at Home Depot for $20.


The hole saw drills a circle right through the metal door so that the dead bolt can be installed. Once the hole was created, we got a little goofy!

Recently Updated7

Then, you use a smaller size hole saw (this one we already had) to drill the side of the door where the dead bolt turns to lock.


If anyone is interested, I can do a more detailed post on this process, just shoot me a comment to let me know.

Next, we needed to pick up the shelves and brackets from Home Depot to complete the pantry makeover. I’m so excited to share the whole process. That post will be coming up tomorrow, but for now, here’s a little preview.


On Sunday, one last thing needed to be done- sealing the deck. After power washing, any old sealant on your wood has been stripped away, leaving the wood unprotected.


This was more on the expensive side, at $47.97 for a 5 gallon sealer, yet it will be able to seal our deck 2-3 times. It was pretty easy to apply, as it just needed to be rolled on with a paint roller.

Whew! Lots of work, but we’re feeling so accomplished! The house and deck look great, our pantry is no longer outdated and smelly, and we’re feeling a lot safer with our deadbolt.

Did you do any house work over the weekend?

Tell me about some DIY work you’ve done lately!


6 thoughts on “DIY Weekend

    • It took about an hour and a half to power wash the house (that’s not including the deck). Pete says keep the nozzle about a foot away from the siding and just make nice, even strokes. Watch the grime and moss wash away!
      If you are power washing wood, make sure you go with the grain of the wood or it can splinter.

  1. I need to power wash my front porch. That’s on my list of projects to do this summer. I have been doing small things around my house, like de- cluttering, re-doing picture frames… just the little things that can make you feel so much better with your home.

  2. So very proud of you. Didn’t think you could paint. When everything is done in our house you can come over and help Frankie paint. Love grandmas tablecloth in the background. By the was since your blog is called ‘The Brooklyn Fig’, just thought I’d mention I’m going into Brooklyn to grandmas house to pick some figs. Love you

    • Yes- that is the tablecloth that doesn’t fit! I need to find a seamstress that can maybe add some lace to the edge, like you suggested. When are you going to grandmas? I wanna come pick figs! Love you mom!

      • Next time you are over we will go to michales and buy lace, then we will go to Antoinette’s in Matawan, across from Livotis, and have her do it. Fig pickin at grandmas house Monday. Will text you time. Don’t forget to measure tablecloth. XoXo

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