Pantry Makeover

Everyone has that one thing that they tackle when they first move into a house. For me, it was the kitchen. We literally closed on our house, drove to it, and I got to work on cleaning that baby. Where did I start? The pantry.

Back in January, I did not have a blog, therefore was not thinking of taking pictures to document things. Wish I had, as the pantry was horrendous. It was filled with wooden shelves covered in a floral pattern lining that was tearing, dusty, old, full of crumbs, and smelly. It immediately got pealed off. After an extensive cleaning, I left the pantry on the back burner until this summer. All those months I talked about a pantry makeover and finally got around to it this past weekend.

  • Time: 1 Day
  • Cost: Under $60
  • Difficulty: Easy


To begin, we removed the wooden shelves, which just slid right off. We were left with these wooden shelf holders.


Using a crowbar, Pete easily removed them from the wall. This step took about ten minutes. Yuck, I’m embarrassed by how gross it looks in there!


Next up was spackling. The shelf holders had been nailed in, so there were a few holes that needed to be covered up. After letting the spackle dry (we use fast-acting) it was time to paint.


I was in charge of painting, and was a little nervous about this. If my friend Colleen is reading this (hi!) the only other time I ever painted was a room in her house, where I somehow created a giant bubble. We proceeded to peel off said bubble, leaving a mess that needed to be sanded and never looked the same again. I don’t think she’ll ask me over to help paint anytime soon! Anyways, Colleen was nice enough to lend us all of the required painting supplies.


Paint tray, brushes, rollers were all provided by Colleen. The paint was left by the previous homeowner, so all you see above cost $0. Woot woot!


I put painter’s tape on the tile floor and then placed a plastic drop cloth down. Both of these were items I had leftover from a camp program and cost me nada.


I poured the paint into the tray, got my roller set up, and went to town. Surprisingly, painting was fairly quick and easy.

Next step was heading to Home Depot to pick out the actual shelves.


We decided upon a 16 inch depth with close mesh wire shelves. The pieces are 6 feet long and are cut by the sales reps at the store.


We purchased two shelves at $19.98 and had them cut into 3 pieces each, for a total of 6 shelves. We only needed 5, but figured we’ll have an extra in case something goes wrong or one gets damaged in the future.

Also needed are back and front brackets. We required 15 back brackets, which hold the shelves in place like this:


The 10 front brackets are for the shelves to slide into, as seen below.IMG_3749

These are the products that we used. For a pack of 12 end brackets (my dad already had the other 3) it cost $12.17. For the front brackets, a pack of 12 was $4.36.


This process took the longest, as it required the drilling of several holes and making sure everything was level. We started from the top and worked our way down.


Before you know it, all 5 shelves were installed. I rescrewed in the shelves that were already on the door (I had removed them to paint) and our pantry makeover was completed!


Filled with all of our goodies!


Funny how such a simple makeover can be such an improvement, and make me so happy!

Please share your thoughts on the transformation :).

Tell me about a makeover project you’ve completed!


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