One Year Anniversary

Hi everybody! Tomorrow is our one year wedding anniversary!

267578_661959386144_5139592_npicture from our engagement photo shoot

This past year has flown by and has brought many blessings to us.

072712 Maria & Peter 1219

The first being we had a once in a lifetime honeymoon in St. Lucia that was everything we ever dreamed of.


And the second that we bought our first house together!


To celebrate our anniversary, we are heading down to Baltimore for a weekend getaway. This next week, starting tomorrow, each day will feature a post that covers a different aspect of our wedding. I was not blogging at the time and figured our anniversary is a great opportunity to share all of the special moments from our big day.

241605_647445117854_4274466_owhen we got engaged in Boston

Hope you enjoy them! I’ll be sure to recap Baltimore when we return from our trip (after all of our wedding recap posts, of course!)

How did you celebrate your one year anniversary?



3 thoughts on “One Year Anniversary

  1. Happy belated one year anniversary! For my one year anniversary, my Marine had just gotten back from a deployment a week or so before, so I was just thrilled to get to share the day with him!

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