Getting Ready

*Welcome to the first installment of our wedding series. Since we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary, this week’s posts will be recapping our wedding, as I was not blogging a year ago and wanted to capture our day!*

Gosh it’s nostalgic thinking back to our wedding day! I don’t even remember waking up…the first thing I recall was my family and 8 bridesmaids being swept to and fro to get our hair and makeup done! Our photographer was not present during that time, so I do not have any professional pictures until it was time for me to get dressed.

072712 Maria & Peter 118My dress is the Lasara gown by Watters

I know many brides share this moment with their bridesmaids, but it was really important to me to keep that moment sacred and special. Therefore, I only asked my mom and my sister Vickie (my matron of honor) to help me get ready.

072712 Maria & Peter 124

First step was getting into the dress.

072712 Maria & Peter 177

The photographer asked my mom to tell me something that would make me laugh, and she really came through! I’ll keep what was said between me and her, but we were cracking up for a good 5 minutes!

072712 Maria & Peter 170

My sister and mom helped me with my jewelry next.

072712 Maria & Peter 139

For my something borrowed, I was going to wear my Aunt Nancy’s pearl necklace and my mother’s pearl earrings. The Maria pin was passed down to me by my grandmother, who was not able to be present during the wedding. It was planned to be my something old. I did not end up wearing the pin, as I wore this amazing ring instead.

072712 Maria & Peter 144

On the left is my engagement ring. On the right is a family heirloom that was presented to me by my mom at our rehearsal dinner. She took my nonna’s old earrings and made them into a new ring for me…aquamarine stone surrounded by diamonds. It was my something old, something new, and something blue. And having my nonna with me in that way was priceless. My mom and sister also have matching rings and it means the world to me for us to share this reminder of my grandmother.

072712 Maria & Peter 182

Welp, we ended up breaking the clasp to my Aunt Nancy’s pearl necklace while trying to get it on, so I ended up wearing a back up pearl necklace with a Swarovski crystal that I had purchased months earlier before my Aunt offered to let me wear hers. (Don’t worry, we got the clasp fixed on her necklace after the wedding!)

072712 Maria & Peter 208

Since it was so important to me to have my mom and sister be the first one’s to see me ready, I wanted my father to be the next. He stood at the bottom of the staircase with his back to me as he waited for me to come down. The photographer took about 30 pictures of me walking down, his reaction hearing me, his reaction seeing me for the first time, him crying, us embracing. It is the most beautiful sequence of pictures I’ve ever seen. I chose 3 of my  favorites to share with you.

072712 Maria & Peter 218072712 Maria & Peter 233072712 Maria & Peter 237

Daddy’s little girl ready to head off to the ceremony.

To be continued tomorrow…


5 thoughts on “Getting Ready

  1. I still cry when I think of you putting on grandmas ring, it mattered so much to me that it mattered to you, and, yes, lets keep that little secret amongst ourselves. You looked beautiful that day and Pete looked so handsome. Happy anniversary to you both of you, love mom

  2. You were the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. Daddy crying was absolutely beautiful 🙂 Nonna’s ring is the best gift I have ever received, and am so glad you feel the same way. It is my most treasured item. I cannot believe it’s been a year since you and Pete were married. One of the greatest nights of my life, and the best night of yours. Love you always

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