*Welcome to the second installment of our wedding series. Since we are celebrating our 1 year anniversary, this week’s posts will be recapping our wedding, as I was not blogging a year ago and wanted to capture our day!*

Before getting into our ceremony and reception, there are a few other posts I wanted to do first: one for the bridesmaids, and one for the groomsmen.

072712 Maria & Peter 132

My bridesmaid count was 8.

072712 Maria & Peter 264

My sister, my niece Stephanie, 2 friends, and 4 cousins.

072712 Maria & Peter 720

All amazing women who were by my side every step of the way.

072712 Maria & Peter 418

We also had 2 flower girls. My niece Isabella. Pete’s niece Alexis. Both girls are our goddaughters, so it was really special having them as a part of our day.

072712 Maria & Peter 752

This is one of my favorite pictures of us, and one of my favs from all of the wedding photos. Barefoot, silly, beautiful gals just having a good time!

072712 Maria & Peter 759

The bridesmaids wore a silk strapless dress from Watters. It was black, short, and had a white cummerbund that tied in the back. My vision was always to have a black and white wedding with ivory and pearl accents.

072712 Maria & Peter 250

The girls were able to do their hair and makeup as they pleased. The only thing I requested was that they wore black open toed shoes.

072712 Maria & Peter 763

As a thank you gift to my bridesmaids, I gave them each a Lia Sophia Pearlette necklace, which can be seen up close in this picture.

072712 Maria & Peter 912

I also bought them each a Coach wristlet. I was unable to find any pictures of the wristlet, but it was an iridescent white color with sequins.

072712 Maria & Peter 769

I was blessed with the most amazing Matron of Honor. My sister was there for me through dress fittings, planning, tastings, my bachelorette party, and every detail along the way. She was supportive, kind, thoughtful, and honest. I’m a lucky girl to have her as my sister.

072712 Maria & Peter 188

As much as she might hate me posting this picture, it just cracks me up because it’s so us.

So you may be wondering where the groom and the groomsmen are? They’ll be making their first appearances in tomorrow’s post!


4 thoughts on “Bridesmaids

  1. ok so this entry made me cry, laugh, reminisce, feel nostalgic, and yes hating that last pic of me ughhhhh.. hahaha You know me so well. I love you Maria and your day was so special to me. I will always be here for you, throughout everything, and I am so blessed to not only have you as my sister but as my best friend. Everything I said in my speech was from the heart, although I do regret leaving some stuff out, like the chinese soap operas and our higher learning obsession lol .. Oh and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pic of me and you looking at each other!!! LOVE IT and U xoxo

  2. the new kids on the block story was NUMERO UNO on my list lol …Chris playing cover girl during it was great too 🙂 The whole chinese soap opera thing got cut because of two reasons.. 1, people probably would have thought we were nuts and 2, I didnt want to offend anyone even thought it shouldn’t have but you just never know these days especially if they are like me lol love u xo

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