It’s here- the first glimpse of the groom and groomsmen!

072712 Maria & Peter 673

Pete’s groomsman count was also 8.

072712 Maria & Peter 677

An amazing group of guys.

072712 Maria & Peter 690

1 brother, 3 brother-in-laws, and 4 friends.

072712 Maria & Peter 697

Also in our bridal party was Pete’s nephew Augie, who was the ring bearer.

072712 Maria & Peter 773

Pete has just a phenomenal group of friends that he’s known since childhood. It’s that type of bond and closeness that many people (including myself) envy.

072712 Maria & Peter 964

We did not have a photographer at the house where the groomsmen were getting ready. It was something we debated and would’ve been really nice to have, but we decided against it. The only picture I have of guys getting ready was my dad helping my sister’s husband, Jimmy, get his tux all situated.

072712 Maria & Peter 164

The groomsmen wore black and white tuxes from Men’s Wearhouse.

072712 Maria & Peter 707

Except for Pete’s Best Man, his brother Derek, who wore an ivory vest. His ivory vest matched my sister’s ivory cummerbund.

072712 Maria & Peter 749

Pete and his brother have a very close relationship despite their distance. Derek lives in Florida and we are here in NJ. They talk all the time, have millions of inside jokes, and are so similar in many ways.

072712 Maria & Peter 25

Here’s a few fun shots of the groomsmen as the drinks kept flowing night went on.

072712 Maria & Peter 61

They somehow even “found” an old banner from a job they worked at together.

072712 Maria & Peter 99

Boys will be boys.

See you tomorrow with a recap of our wedding ceremony.


3 thoughts on “Groomsmen

  1. Yay, I love wedding pictures! My boyfriend also has a group of really good friends from when they were kids, I love seeing their dynamic when they’re all together. It’s amazing.

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