The Ceremony

When I think about the ceremony, I kinda roll my eyes, laugh, and get embarrassed all at once. It was interesting to say the least.

072712 Maria & Peter 324

First, the limo picked up Pete and the groomsmen from his uncle’s house where they got ready. The photographer began snapping pictures of my handsome groom outside of the church. Pete and I were married in a Catholic church in the town I grew up in.

After dropping them off, the limo came to my parents house for the ladies.

072712 Maria & Peter 340

The photographer had the idea of taking pictures of me still in the limo with my father outside. I just wish you couldn’t see the creepy limo driver in the reflection as well.

Getting out of the limo, walking up the stairs into the church, and waiting in the foyer, I was doing JUST FINE!

072712 Maria & Peter 358

Now beforehand, we had met with the organist to determine which music we wanted played during the entrances. Traditional music was played while the bridesmaids walked down the aisle, but my father and I wanted something that was meaningful to us. We choose the song “Buongiorno Principessa” from the movie Life is Beautiful (here’s a YouTube link to the instrumental version). My mom actually had to find the music to purchase and provide to the organist.

072712 Maria & Peter 447

When we walked into the church, it was all smiles. Until I heard the song play. And saw Pete at the end of the aisle. Surrounded by all of our family members and friends. I LOST IT. I mean total hysterics, sobbing, making noises. So embarrassing. I’m not cheesing it up real big in that pic- I’m sobbing.

072712 Maria & Peter 451

It was so bad to the point where the priest kinda pulled me aside to ask me if I was ok, ok in the sense of do you want to go through with this marriage. HA! Yes! I was just so overwhelmed and overjoyed.

072712 Maria & Peter 520

Well, from then on I couldn’t keep it together. I was either crying or laughing hysterically throughout the entire ceremony. When I was laughing, Pete couldn’t stop laughing, and vice versa.

072712 Maria & Peter 553

Who knows what it was. From our priest’s huge shoes, to him making inappropriate comments, to him messing up and having Pete kiss the bride TWICE…

072712 Maria & Peter 543

072712 Maria & Peter 560

I don’t think we could’ve gotten out of there any faster! It was pretty much a disaster, but our disaster :).

Our exit was a dream- surrounded by all those we love clapping, cheering, and blowing bubbles.

072712 Maria & Peter 656

We were married!

After the ceremony, we went back into the church for some formal family photos.

072712 Maria & Peter 663

And a few private moments with just Pete and I.

072712 Maria & Peter 670

Now that the crazy ceremony was over, it was time to PARTY! Tune in tomorrow for a recap of the reception.



4 thoughts on “The Ceremony

  1. so the pic of you in the limo is one of my FAVORITES!! I just love it and you look absolutely gorgeous! OH the limo driver lol what a jerk.. Actually as I’m thinking about it now, eww the photographer was super creepy too!!! He was soooo hitting on you!!!! What photographer hits on the bride on her wedding day LOL!!

  2. Ok I’m clearly stalking you by going back through your old posts but I saw this one and had to comment– I think I will be EXACTLY like this on my wedding day! Even IMAGINING walking down the aisle in front of family and friends makes me want to cry… I have no idea how i will hold it together on my (eventual) wedding day! waterproof makeup i suppose is vital… 🙂

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