The Reception

Our wedding reception was held at The Palace in Somerset Park. It was everything we could’ve ever dreamed of. From the wedding planner to our bridal assistant and maître d, everything was handled from day 1 of booking our event.

072712 Maria & Peter 870

Once we arrived at The Palace, our bridal party was escorted into our luxurious bridal sweet. It was enormous- with several rooms and bathrooms, places to change, and comfortable seats to relax. I had made the decision early on that I did not want to join cocktail hour, as I wanted to have the grand entrance down their magnificent staircase. Most of the bridal party did attend cocktail hour, and I was able to sample the hors d’oeuvre because they set up stations in our bridal suite.

072712 Maria & Peter 849

After taking many pictures out on the expansive balcony, it was time for that grand entrance.

Our parents walked down first to “Yeah 3X” by Chris Brown. They followed by our bridesmaid and groomsmen pairs, who all walked down to “Barracuda” by Heart. The pairs each had their own fun entrance, but the fan favorite had to be Dr. Matt & Jackie doing their Tebow.

072712 Maria & Peter 914

Pete and I walked in to “We Used to Wait” by Arcade Fire. It was really important to us to have our taste in music represented at our wedding, and we choose times like this to do so.

072712 Maria & Peter 937

Our bridal party made a path for us to walk through, which was incredible to do with all of the music and cheering.

072712 Maria & Peter 986

Following the walk through the bridal party was our first dance.

072712 Maria & Peter 940

We danced to “Sparks” by Coldplay. I cried again, but was able to get it under control fairly quickly. We realized that being along on a dance floor is rather awkward, so if you are planning a wedding, you might want to consider only dancing half of the song!

Next up was the Father/Daughter dance, which was to “In My Life” by The Beatles. My dad is the hugest Beatles fan I’ve ever met and he raised me on their music, so the choice was fairly easy for us.

072712 Maria & Peter 1015

Pete and his mother danced to “Long as I Can See the Light” by CCR.

072712 Maria & Peter 988

Our dances were followed by the Best Man and Maid of Honor speeches. They were fun, embarrassing at times, and certainly heartfelt.

072712 Maria & Peter 1008

Then…dancing commenced! There are 100’s of pictures I’d love to share, but here are a few of my favorites.


During the dancing time, many pictures were taken. Two of my favorites were when we called the whole family outside for a group shot. Here is my whole huge family.

072712 Maria & Peter 1089

This photo is of Pete’s whole family.

072712 Maria & Peter 1098

The family shot is something (at least in my experience) that is always looked back upon, so it was imperative for us to take these.

Time to cut the cake! Our cake cutting song was “Touch Me” by The Doors.

072712 Maria & Peter 1218

Our cake was in our black and white theme with a touch of hot pink. It was made by The Palace pastry chefs and was absolutely divine.  I’m sooo looking forward to our return from Baltimore when we can dig into that top tier!

The traditional events followed. Bouquet toss. Garter Removal to “She’s so Heavy” by The Beatles.


This is possibly my favorite pic from the wedding. It’s just such a candid, honest moment.

Garter toss. Garter application.

072712 Maria & Peter 1277

That’s my bro!

The last hour was the Venetian hour. The entire cocktail hour room was filled with decadent desserts.

072712 Maria & Peter 1352

My only wish was that I had eaten more of these goodies. More of the food in general. But being swept all over to talk with guests and take pictures, we hardly ate any of the food. That is our one regret!

072712 Maria & Peter 1307

The night ended with one last song. Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. This song (for whatever reason!) bonds my siblings and I. We got in a group huddle and just rapped it out, holding nothing back! What an end to the night!

072712 Maria & Peter 107

We’d love to one day to attend a wedding at The Palace as a guest because it was absolutely phenomenal.

072712 Maria & Peter 2

 I hope you’re enjoying our wedding series. There are 2 posts left…Details and Our Parents.


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