Our Parents

Saved the best for last. Well, second to last, as our “Details” post will be coming out tomorrow.

072712 Maria & Peter 807

We simply could not let our Wedding Series pass by without highlighting our parents.

072712 Maria & Peter 782

Our wedding day would have in no way been possible without them.

072712 Maria & Peter 824

They supported our ideas every step of the way, and helped us to narrow down vendors and make the smartest decisions.

072712 Maria & Peter 889

The amount of sweat, tears, and hours they poured into making this day perfect for their children is beyond measure…but greatly appreciated.

072712 Maria & Peter 890

And can I just mention…we were blown away by how fantastic they all looked that day. As my dad would say, “So sharp!”

072712 Maria & Peter 1122

We are so lucky to have two sets of amazing parents in our lives.

072712 Maria & Peter 896

They bring us joy every single day.

072712 Maria & Peter 1184

There will never be enough words to express our gratitude to them.

072712 Maria & Peter 1156

Our wedding day was perfect in every way and we know without a doubt that it is due to them.

072712 Maria & Peter 987

Thank you!

072712 Maria & Peter 86072712 Maria & Peter 307 072712 Maria & Peter 1095

We love you so much and will never forget all you have done for us.


3 thoughts on “Our Parents

  1. This is SUCH a sweet post with absolutely gorgeous pictures!! Parents really are the best. I think it’s awesome that you dedicated a whole post to them! I love mine to death and don’t know what I would do without them! 🙂

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