The Details

*Thank you for tuning in to our Wedding Series. We hope you enjoyed us reminiscing in honor of our one year anniversary. This post concludes the series, and I’ll be back starting Monday with Baltimore recaps!*

Sometimes it’s the little details that help make up the bigger picture.This post is dedicated to all of our vendors and ideas that made our wedding day unique.

072712 Maria & Peter 811

Let’s begin with the invitation and the flowers.

072712 Maria & Peter 161

Our invitation was purchased at Party Fair, where I worked for many years before becoming a teacher. When choosing an invitation, I knew I wanted “pockets” to put the reception, response card, hotel information, and maps in. The colors of the invitation were black and ivory with a touch of a burgundy shade.

072712 Maria & Peter 160

For the flowers…this was more of a debacle. We went to several florists and had a difficult time with several of them before finding the perfect one. We used Kirk Florist located in Howell, NJ. They made it so easy to select flowers and to make my vision come to life while staying within our budget. I knew for sure that I wanted my bouquet to be solely calla lilies. The bridesmaids bouquets were a mix of hydrangeas with roses and had soft hues of white, ivory, and pink.

072712 Maria & Peter 166

Moving next to our centerpieces.

072712 Maria & Peter 776

We used a woman in Staten Island to make our centerpieces. She had done several weddings in my family, including my sister’s, and we knew we loved her work. She kept the flowers in our color tone of ivory, white, and soft pinks while including greenery. Up the pole, she included a pearl accent, which fit in with the jewelry of myself and bridesmaids. We loved how they came out.

072712 Maria & Peter 817

On each table setting was a menu detailing all of our food selections for the evening. This was included in our package at The Palace, which was great because it was a detail I really wanted to include.

072712 Maria & Peter 825

The menus were tucked nicely into the napkin at each table setting.

072712 Maria & Peter 877

Continuing with the decor of the room, we had some special lighting. As you can see on the center of the dance floor, we had a monogram of our names and last initial. This was complimentary, as our DJ had done several family events. You may also notice the pink spot lighting in certain sections of the room. This was also complimentary from The Palace, as we had to change the original start time of our wedding. See, knowing people and being flexible can get you some free upgrades!

When the guests came in, they were greeted with signature drinks that Pete and I had selected. They then found the place card table.

072712 Maria & Peter 764

This was a last minute decision. Very last minute, as in the night of the rehearsal dinner two nights before the wedding. You should’ve seen us going crazy trying to find enough wine corks, but it was worth it. It added a touch of visual interest while also incorporating something that Pete and I love, vino!

072712 Maria & Peter 766

Next to the place card table was our card box. This was created by my cousin, Jackie. She used our engagement pictures and we absolutely love how it came out. Today, I use it to store all of the special reminders from our wedding.

072712 Maria & Peter 801

Another last minute decision was the cigars. We have a few cigar smokers in the fam (ahem, my brother) and wanted to place some on the bar. Our venue opened up onto a huge patio with some tables, so guests were able to go in and out all night. Many did so enjoying their cigars!

072712 Maria & Peter 799

A tradition in my family is that the bride’s parents purchase a wedding Armani statue for the bride and groom. Giuseppe Armani was an Italian statue designer and his statues have been in the homes of my family members for generations. He has since passed away and obtaining his statues is much more difficult, and that much more meaningful.

072712 Maria & Peter 884

Our cake was a 4 square tiers of black and white fondant with touches of hot pink flowers. Inside was a delicious strawberry and vanilla sponge that just melted in your mouth.

072712 Maria & Peter 72

The photographer did a really nice job of capturing our jewelry. Both of our wedding bands were purchased at The Jewelry Exchange in Woodbridge, NJ. My engagement ring was purchased at Jared.

Next up…our favors.

072712 Maria & Peter 34

What’s inside those big boxes, you ask?


La Cucina Italiana pasta bowls. The owner of the favor store said it best when he commented, “It’s not a favor, it’s a gift.” Favors are a very big deal in Italian weddings and we wanted our guests to know how much we appreciate having them in our lives.

Lastly, I wanted to share our thank you card.

072712 Maria & Peter 1071

This was another last minute decision inspired by Pinterest. I really didn’t know about Pinterest until a few weeks before our wedding. By that time, it was too late to really use any of the ideas on the site. However, I loved the thank you card ideas I had found. The chalkboard was chosen to display our gratitude message because it represented my job as a teacher and just fit us well. It was purchased at Michaels. We love how it came out and received many compliments on its uniqueness!

Well, thank you everyone for following along on our wedding recap journey. It has been amazing replaying all of these memories in our minds and being able to share pictures documenting the best day of our lives. We really appreciate your comments and kind words!

If you have any questions or interest regarding our vendors/purchases, please let me know!


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    • Thank you! A few of the florists we went to were really discouraging against using solely calla lilies. They kept saying it was going to be too big and my hands wouldn’t fit around the bouquet. But I kept insisting and I’m so glad I did because it came out exactly how I wanted!

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