Baltimore Day 1

Good morning, sunshines! Thank you for all of your heartfelt and wonderful comments during our Wedding series. It was fantastic to reminisce while celebrating our one year anniversary. Which brings me to…our anniversary weekend in Baltimore!

We left for Baltimore at about 1:00 on Friday and arrived right around 4:00. It was an easy 3 hour trip down one highway. Upon arriving, we basically dropped our bags in our hotel room and immediately headed down to the Inner Harbor- we were starving!


When we go away, we really enjoy finding restaurants that are original to the area and not chains. Therefore, we walked all around the inner harbor trying to find something that spoke to us…with no luck. With pretty much all chain restaurants, combined with our grumbling not-having-eaten-lunch stomachs, we chose Brio.


We’d never been to Brio before, but there is one near my parents house so we knew it was a chain.


Despite that, we were pleasantly surprised with our food and the service.


Pretty great experience and I’d definitely eat there again.

After dinner, we continued exploring around the harbor and soon came across the dragon boats!


I don’t know why, but I got so giddy and really wanted to go on the dragon boats! Luckily we did that night, because the next day they were totally packed.

Recently Updated9

We purchased our dragon and got to ride for a half hour. It’s basically a paddle boat with pedals and a wheel to steer.


It was great though because you got to explore a pretty large area, including right over near one of the big boats, the Chesapeake.


Even though we crashed into a few people, the dragon boats were super fun and actually a pretty good workout!


The inner harbor also has a World Trade Center. Right out front is a monument which displays some actual debris from the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in NYC.


This attack was very close to home, and it was moving to see the monument. In addition, I teach about 9/11 so I figured this picture and experience would be a good one to share that day with my students.

Afterwards, we walked around a bit more to see the different types of ships.


The Coast Guard ship was huge!


In this picture we are standing so you could see the rear of the ship.


Handsome hubby.

The inner harbor also has a stage of sorts where you can see shows by street performers. We caught the end of one…


…and can I just say, I didn’t really think it was appropriate for children!

After that, we called it a night and headed back to our hotel room. Our second day was super busy, so be prepared for a long recap post tomorrow!


Have you ever been to Baltimore? Did you enjoy the Inner Harbor?



4 thoughts on “Baltimore Day 1

  1. the food looks soo good!!! I couldnt help but lol when you said you crashed into people, lol, that’s hysterical!! Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!

  2. I’ve been to Baltimore a few times, it’s about a hour from where I live. I don’t get up there as often as I should! You just reminded me of some fun places close to me that I need to go to.

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