Baltimore Day 2

Our second day in Baltimore was a blast from start to finish! We covered a lot of ground, so prepare for lots of photos!

When Pete and I woke up, we headed to the computers in the hotel to research a place to eat breakfast. After finding many positive reviews for Miss Shirley’s Cafe, it was the obvious choice. Once we arrived and saw the amount of people there, we knew we’d made the right decision. After a short wait, we were seated.


For breakfast, we both ordered the same thing, just on different bread: the Southern Slammer Sandwich. This slammer included avocado, egg, bacon, cheese, and a big ol’ fried green tomato. Just a flavor burst of amazingness. I’d definitely recommend Miss Shirley’s if you are ever visiting Baltimore.

After breakfast, we walked a bit past the inner harbor to do some shopping. On the way, we passed a Columbus statue with lots of Italian flags- a must-take picture spot for this Italian!


While walking, we also came across the 7 Foot Knoll Lighthouse.


It was free to walk up and look around, and there was even an indoor museum of sorts. IMG_3833

I’m usually not big into lighthouses, but found this one to be unique with it’s shape and colors. Plus seeing the inside and how they restored the lighthouse was interesting.

Next up, we decided to tour one of the many ships in the harbor, the USS Constitution. On our walk over to the ship, we found a pathway filled with homophones!


I thought this was so fun and took several pictures- definitely going to be showing these when I teach a homophones lesson next school year.


The USS Constitution was really neat. All 4 decks were open for exploring and really provided a glimpse of what life was like for a sailor during the Civil War.

Recently Updated12

My favorite was definitely the cannons! There was one on the main deck, which Pete and I are pictured with.


But on the second deck they were everywhere- pointing out of all the windows!

Recently Updated13

The bottom 2 decks were set up like a museum, with areas blocked off with signs explaining what they were. We saw the sleeping quarters, storage, hospital wing, etc. Very cool!


Did you know that the head of the ship is where the sailors went to the bathroom? There’s some interesting trivia for ya! Which is why people call bathrooms “the head.” So naturally, we had to pose there!


After the ship tour, we watched some more street performers, then headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit before the game that night. My husband is a huge Red Sox fan…and I’m a Yankee fan. Explain that?! But anyways, the Red Sox were in town playing the Orioles at Camden Yards.


And we got tickets to a suite for FREE! Talk about happy anniversary! Pete got the tickets through a friend of a friend who works for the stadium- and we are super grateful for them!

Recently Updated14suite life

This was my first time in a suite and I was very impressed. There is an indoor section with a private bathroom, couches, chairs, and a flatscreen TV. This all leads out sliding glass doors to a balcony with 10 seats.

Recently Updated11

It was a very cool experience and despite the fact that I’m not a Red Sox fan, I enjoyed being there with my man and watching his team win.

Welp, that pretty much concludes our weekend getaway, as the next morning we left bright and early for home. See ya tomorrow, ya’ll!

Have you ever been in a suite at a sporting event? Any team rivalries in your family?


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