Survivor Cake

No, I did not make a cake for the TV show Survivor…


…although they apparently exist. Rather, the cake I’m referring to is the top tier of our wedding cake. What did it survive? Hurricane Sandy.

550230_10100383482220574_1255820279_nthe tree in front of my parent’s house right before the power went out

When we heard Hurricane Sandy was going to hit, we decided to head to my parent’s house in Howell. We were living in a one bedroom apartment at the time that lost power when the wind blew, so we knew it was inevitable we’d be out for a long time. My parents, though they live very close to the shore where the storm would hit the hardest, had a generator. We figured we’d be able to help them get through the storm while still having some comforts that a generator brings. With the car packed, we grabbed the top tier of our wedding cake from the freezer and headed out the door.


Our cake survived Sandy. It survived the move to a new house. After all that, would it still be good? We found out the night we returned from Baltimore.


Before we left for our trip, I took the cake out of the freezer so it would defrost by the time we got back. We invited Pete’s parents over for dinner and to share our cake with us. Put to use was our toasting glasses, knife, and server that were all used the day of our wedding.


The cake was surprisingly good! It actually was still quite moist even after a year of being frozen.


Was it as delicious as the night of the wedding? Not even close, but definitely still enjoyable. We’re thrilled our cake survived the most devastating storm we have ever seen and that we were able to relive our wedding night with every bite!

Did you experience Hurricane Sandy? 

Have you ever had something as unusual as a cake survive a devastating event?



7 thoughts on “Survivor Cake

  1. I was just in Howell the other weekend! I live in PA, so we had power outtage and down trees but nothing like you guys! I spent a lot of time at friends’ houses or either had a generator or got power back before i did!

  2. What a cute story! Incidentally, by brother and his wife’s wedding was the week after Sandy in Philadelphia. And, there were more than a few hiccups because ol’ Sandy. His wife was from NJ, and her mother’s shore store got wiped up by the storm. They lost their apt in NYC because the basement flooded. The hotel lost power while everyone was there and we had to move hotels. AND we had to move the rehearsal dinner (which was on the same grid that lost power as the hotel) and plan it within 24 hours…Needless to say, they got through all of that with flying colors, definitely setting up their marriage for success :-).

    The NY Times even wrote about it!

    • Omg that’s an incredible story- it sounds like it could be a TV show so I’m not surprised the NY times wrote about it! I’m sorry to hear about the shore store and their apartment. I hope everything is ok and that they are not displaced. Their marriage must be so strong after getting through all of that!

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