Unripened Figs

Last week, my mom, Aunt, and I headed into Brooklyn. We had a few tasks to take care of, but my #1 was to pick some figs!

533643_10100495409622164_615557726_nThe Verrazano Bridge

My grandparents owned a three story home in Brooklyn that is broken into 3 apartments.


Since they have passed, the ownership now belongs to my mom and her siblings. They rent out all 3 floors of the home. One of the apartments was recently vacated, so we went to check out it’s condition before the next tenant moves in.


Everything looked in pretty good shape except a few windows that needed some trim painted.

Now, to get to the fig tree in the backyard, you have to walk through the downstairs apartment. The tenant knew we were coming, but wasn’t home. We just could not get into the apartment!


The key wasn’t working! He actually had to come home from work to help us get in. While waiting, I went down in the basement to visit Boo- the ghost my older brother drew on the wall when we were kids.


As silly as it sounds, this ghost used to scare the bejesus out of me and my cousins!

Finally, we got in the apartment and into the backyard to the fig tree.


To find…


…unripened figs.

We were taking a shot because usually they aren’t ready until late August, yet we were hoping to get lucky. We even brought our “fig picker” (I clearly don’t really know what this is called) to get the ones high up in the tree.


Better luck at the end of the month. Welp, the trip wasn’t a complete bust, as we headed over to Spumoni Gardens next.


Spumoni Gardens is an outdoor pizzeria that is famous for its sicilian pizza and it’s spumoni.


Basically it has a counter where customers walk up and order what they’d like. There are tables outside to enjoy your purchases.

My mom ordered a spumoni for each of us- this was my first time.


I could not stop raving over this spumoni. It’s a mixture of 5 flavors and has nuts inside of it-omg just unlike any ice cream or ice I’ve ever tasted! There is nothing like it in New Jersey.


My aunt and I both ordered Sicilian pies to have for dinner that night and then we headed back to Jersey. I was super excited to surprise Pete with this bad boy that night!


Just like nonna used to make. Sauce and sprinkles of Parmesan…amazing.

Well, hopefully next time I head into Brooklyn, I’ll come home with some figs. But Spumoni Garden’s pizza is a very close second :).

Have you ever had a Spumoni ice?


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