A Wicked Good Time

On Friday, Pete and I headed into NYC with his parents to see Wicked!


At our rehearsal dinner, we presented a gift to both sets of parents to show our gratitude for all they had done for us. We bought them each a Broadway.com gift card so that they can see whichever show they please! Back in October, we went to see Jersey Boys with my parents and now we got to see Wicked with Pete’s parents!

The drive into the city was surprisingly smooth. We parked at Port Authority and began the 10 block walk over to the Gershwin Theatre. Along the way, we decided to stop for lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe in Times Square.


I ordered the chicken club sandwich.


It was pretty good, but I ended up taking off the chicken. I’m really weird with chicken and can pretty much only eat it if I make it myself.

Anyways, after lunch we went to the Toys R Us store and the M&M store, both in Times Square, to stock up on some candy to enjoy during the show.


If you’ve ever been to a broadway show, you know the refreshments are pretty outrageously priced. So, we simply snuck some candy in our purses and were good to go!

Heading up the escalator to our seats, there was a map detailing the land of Oz. Our excitement was growing!


Now, I had seen Wicked many years ago and remember it being fantastic, but it was the first time for everyone else. As soon as we walked in, the spectacular set with the huge dragon overheard brought back my memories of the show.


Soon after, the show began and we were all enthralled! The character development of Elphaba and Glinda are very well done and every single detail you ever wondered about from The Wizard of Oz is answered for you. It’s a definite must-see and one of my favorite shows.

Pete and I took some pics with part of the set after the show…


…and then back to NJ we went! Great day with his parents :).

Have you ever seen Wicked or read the book?

What is your favorite Broadway show? 


6 thoughts on “A Wicked Good Time

  1. What a fun time! I’ve actually never been to a Broadway show but now that I’m living in NYC I neeeeeed to go soon!

    <3, Charlotte

    • It’s a must if you live in NYC! Other shows I’d recommend are Avenue Q and Jersey Boys. Too bad Rent isn’t still around, that was an amazing show. Enjoy the city life!

  2. i tried reading the book years ago but couldnt get into it. Im actually going to see Wicked next week in Boston with my sister and parents and cant wait!
    My favorite show is Chicago-I saw that years ago and both the actress and the understudy for Roxie were sick so they flew in Ann Reinking (the original broadyway Roxie) for the one time performance-it was incredible

    • That’s pretty cool that you got to see Ann Reinking! I’ve thought about seeing Chicago on Broadway because I liked the movie- now I’m more inclined! Have fun seeing Wicked in Boston 🙂

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