Window Treatments

Being a first time homeowner, work on the house pretty much never stops! We’ve had big projects, like our landscaping overhaul, and smaller projects like our pantry makeover, and all types of details in between. Something that had been on the horizon for a while was window treatments.

There are lots of windows in the house and slowly but surely we’ve been buying the necessary blinds, curtains, rods, shades, etc for each. One such example is a long window to the left of our fireplace in the living room. When we first moved in, the previous home buyer had left several window treatments. The curtain rods were fantastic, but everything else was pretty nasty and had to go. Here is what the window in the living room looked like:


He had all custom curtains and shade, which I’m sure cost of ton of money. Yet, they weren’t our style and we’re pretty filthy with cat hair.


So after about a week of living there, I took those bad boys down and donated them to charity. Ever since, our window has just had the blinds on it.


They too were pretty dirty, but did the trick until we were ready to decide which way to go. That finally occurred last month when we were at Pete’s cousin’s graduation party. His aunt and uncle had bamboo shades on their windows and we loved the look. When they told us they got them from Walmart, we loved them even more!

I placed an order for the Bamboo Roman Shade in the Havana Pecan color using Walmart’s Site to Store. They were $37 and ready for pickup about a week later.

Pete got to work on his “favorite” task…installing shades/blinds. He HATES it and just finds it to be very tedious. But, it needed to be done! First step was holding them up to get the shade centered and align the brackets.


Then, with a power drill, you drill the holes needed to hold the brackets in place.


After, it’s pretty much just sliding the shade into the brackets and securing with screws.


We had read online that the bamboo shades do not offer much privacy and we knew that during the day it would have that see through kinda look. So definitely be aware of that if you are interested in bamboo.


Here’s a shot taken at night so you can see the look of the shade without the light coming through.


Much better than old cat hair filled shades and blinds! Now, just gotta figure out what to do with the three paned window facing the front of the house…more bamboo?



Time will tell!

Have you ever used any bamboo products in your home?

How long did it take you to finish all of your window treatments after moving into a home?


4 thoughts on “Window Treatments

  1. still working on window treatments here! i did the bedrooms and bathrooms right away but our living room is giving me nightmares. we are going to have to custom order because of the size and the way the beams are positioned-its so expensive!
    i love love love the bamboo shades you chose!

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