Random Friday Ramblings

Every once in a while there’s something I want to post about or a picture I want to share, but feel it doesn’t necessarily warrant it’s own post. After having a few such items accumulate in this past week, I came up with the ideas to kinda jumble them all into a random rambling type post where I’ll briefly share each one. Hope you enjoy!

1. I’m the worst painter in the world. Not sure how this happened, as painting is in my blood. My grandfather came to America and started a painting business which my uncle later took over. Now, my cousin owns the business and several of my other cousins work for it as well. But me, yeah- not my thing.


Sure I painted the pantry during our pantry makeover, but that was just a small space. The small space gave me the confidence needed to paint our master bedroom closet…a much bigger task.

IMG_20130806_123732_696As seen on right side, it was ivory. I painted it white, as shown on left side

After bumping my head numerous times and nearly giving myself a black eye running into the hooks, I decided that my painting days are over. I contacted one of my cousins and he will be coming over next weekend to paint the big blue wall.

2. I have a lot of shoes I don’t wear. And need to wear more- especially pumps. Being a teacher, I pretty much wear J Crew flats every single day. I’m on my feet constantly and heels just don’t work for me. My feet hurt as it is by the end of the day so I couldn’t imagine the soreness with heals.


When I painted the closet, I had to first clear it out which made me notice my pumps. I can’t tell you the last time I wore any of those- and some are super cute! So needless to say I’ll be attempting to incorporate them more into my wardrobe.

3. Picking a paint color is tough cookies. OK, this is my last rambling about paint, I promise. But picking a paint color for the big blue wall has been giving me anxiety attacks! I thought we had it selected, but while looking at the swatch more and more, I started freaking out that it was wrong!


So finally, we went to Home Depot and bought a couple of sample cans for $3 each. Thank goodness we did because the color we were leaving towards (Smokey Blue by Behr, seen on the right) is a lot greener than we thought it’d be. We’re now considering Windsor Haze by Behr, seen on the left. Your thoughts?

4. Granite warehouses are interesting! I went to one the other day with my parents, who picked out a new dining table made of granite. You actually walk through a warehouse of sorts and look through huge slabs of granite that are standing upright.


They are massive and heavy! But I was kind of amazed that the granite comes from a quarry and the distributors pretty much have what they have. If they don’t have enough of what you need, it cannot be guaranteed that they can find you the same exact granite.


While there, I also spotted a tile backsplash that I loved. This is something Pete and I have talked about as far as future plans for our kitchen, so I snapped a shot to keep it in my memory!

5. I’m considering become a Les Mills BodyFlow instructor. Recently I’ve been thinking more and more about teaching yoga. I really enjoy taking it and feel I’d find great satisfaction teaching it as a side job. When I looked into it a bit more, certifications start around $2,100 and that’s just the beginning. There are further certifications that can be taken after that as well.


I was a bit thrown off by that number- just didn’t think it would cost that much. So after thinking about it a bit more, I’m considering Les Mills. I don’t know for sure, but I’ve heard it’s more affordable to get certified. Plus, they send you the workouts- you just have to memorize and teach. This would be a good gateway into yoga, for I wouldn’t have to develop my own classes if I was using Les Mills. Then, if I get into the groove of teaching, enjoy it, and feel more comfortable, I’ll take another look at yoga certification.

Thanks for letting me ramble! What are your random musings for the day?

Have you ever been certified in any of the Les Mills classes? Please share info if you have!

What are your thoughts on painting? Hate it? Freak out over choosing colors? If so, we have something in common!


4 thoughts on “Random Friday Ramblings

  1. I’m a terrible painter too! I remember painting one of our closet’s last year and when I was done my husband said there was more paint on me than the wall. Including in my hair! How? I have no clue. haha

    And you do have some really cute shoes! Pass some my way 😉

  2. I’ve thought about being a yoga teacher, but it does sound like a bit of a task when I read up on it. Maybe one day it will work out. You should try first and let me know how it goes 🙂

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