Mornings at the Farmer’s Market

Happy Monday, readers! Hope your weekend was enjoyable :).

Something that is really important to Pete and I is eating locally as much as possible. During the summer months there is a farmer’s market about 20 minutes away that we go to often on Sundays. It is a bit of a hike and we were delighted to see signs recently that one had opened up in our very own town!

The market is open on Saturdays so we decided to check it out over this past weekend. Upon pulling up, we noticed it is relatively small compared to what we are used to. However, we figure since it is new, it’s possible that they are still adding vendors and that it will grow as time goes on. Nonetheless, we began to explore.


We arrived right as the market opened at 9:00 and most vendors were still setting up. There was an indoor and outdoor section, so we headed inside first because we noticed there were already customers shopping.


Pete was immediately drawn to the peaches, his favorite fruit, and stocked up on several. Also purchased at the indoor stand was some Jersey fresh corn!


We didn’t need any tomatoes this week, but I couldn’t help noticing the abundance of colorful, heirloom tomatoes at all of the stands. This is the season for them and I’m looking forward to buying some in weeks to come.

We were drawn to the next stand that had a huge sign advertising its CSA. Even though we were very pleased with Door to Door Organics, we’re still on the lookout for something more local. At this stand, the vendor was kind enough to let me try a berry I had never seen before…


…gooseberries! They are about the size of blueberries but are wrapped in a papery sort of shell that you pop off. The berry inside is a green color and has a vanilla/pineapple taste- yes, it’s as delicious as it sounds. Yet, two factors prevented me from purchasing. One, they were expensive at $6 a bag. Two, I thought it would be a bit annoying to remove them from the “paper”.

Looking back at how yummy they were though I do regret it and will most likely pick them up next week if I have the chance.ย Even though we didn’t purchase the berries, we picked up lettuce and a pepper from the stand.


I’d say the new market was a success and I’m pleased it’s closer to where we live. As we were leaving about a half hour later, more vendors were arriving. Next time we’ll get there a little later to hopefully experience the full market.

Do you shop for produce locally or at a supermarket?

Are there many farmer’s markets near where you live?



5 thoughts on “Mornings at the Farmer’s Market

  1. The “college town” where I went to school (Arcata, CA) has a huge emphasis on eating and shopping locally. A lot of my education related back to sustainability, local sourcing, etc. so I love reading about it! There’s a term used around town: loca-voracious (also, “locavore”) for those that eat locally. My time spent there has definitely instilled in me an appreciation for farmer’s markets and restaurants with sustainability in mind. The market you went to looks charming!!

    • That’s awesome that you learned so much about eating local in college. I wish I knew more! Never heard of the term locavore before but feel it could definitely apply around here. We live in a very rural area with lots of farms, so the locavore population is high :).

  2. I have been loving peach season! Was also at a farmer’s market (well more like a farm) this weekend and picked up a dozen peaches. They taste like candy! Gooseberries are actually quite delicious but way too expensive for my budget. Ah well maybe I’ll indulge once this summer ๐Ÿ™‚ Looks like a fabulous weekend!

    • Glad to know they weren’t just expensive at the market we went to. Since I’ve never seen them before, I wasn’t sure if the price was just made too high by the vendor. I agree with you though about indulging once this summer…maybe next weekend!

  3. Peaches are SO good right now! We’ve been having them on a daily basis. ๐Ÿ™‚ We have several farmers markets close by, and I try to buy all of our produce there rather than the supermarket. Farmers markets and my garden have saved us quite a bit of money this summer! ๐Ÿ™‚

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