Planting Grass Seed

Better known as Landscaping Overhaul: Phase 2. After the intense manual labor that had filled our previous weekend, we decided to “take it easy” and plant some grass seed this time around. We needed to fill in the area where three of the bushes used to sit, and we figured a new patch of grass would do the trick. I wouldn’t necessarily call it hard labor, but it was certainly taxing, especially out in the heat. Hopefully, the end result will be well worth the trouble, but this is one of those projects that require a lot of patience.


The process was pretty straightforward. All it required was topsoil, hay, and grass seed. We actually tried out a new local nursery for these supplies, and they turned out to be extremely helpful. They didn’t even laugh at us when we severely underestimated the amount of topsoil we would need and went back for a second run.


The first (and hardest) step for us was raking and shoveling the remaining stones and loosening the soil. Luckily, there was not nearly as much area to cover as in the first landscaping overhaul, but this step still took us about an hour.


Once the area was cleared, the next step was to spread out the new topsoil. All told, we used 11 bags of topsoil to cover an area that was about 200 square feet, and to be honest, we probably could have used one more bag.


Next, we sprinkled the grass seed over the topsoil, trying our best to create an even layer. We then lightly raked it out to fill in any gaps.


The final step was laying the hay over the grass seed. We purchased one bale of hay, but only ended up using about a quarter of it for this project. Luckily, Maria has fantasies of putting pumpkins on the remaining bale in the fall. Anyways, according to my parents, the hay keeps the moisture in and helps the grass grow. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  • Cost: $46. Each bag of top soil was $2.99. The grass seed was $10.99 and the hay bale cost $7.99.
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Difficulty: Relatively easy compared to Phase 1. Once we got the stones up, it moved pretty quick.

Have you ever planted grass seed before? How long did it take before you saw results?


6 thoughts on “Planting Grass Seed

  1. I hope your grass grows! We (well, my dad) tried growing some grass in an area of our yard, but I think he just tossed the seeds out there, and it didn’t really grow… if he attempts it again, I’ll have to show his this. ๐Ÿ™‚

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