The Golden Nugget

A few weeks back, I went to the small city of Lambertville for the first time with a couple of my friends. Lambertville is right over the bridge from New Hope, PA and while called a “city” it is more of a main street, small town kinda place. Which is right up my alley. While we were there browsing through all of the antique stores, I was reminded that there is also an antique flea market in Lambertville called The Golden Nugget that is open on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Well, as soon as we got some free time on the weekend, Pete and I headed down there.


The hubby grew up in this area and had visited The Golden Nugget many times growing up- mainly for the records.


Now that we have a house and are trying to find those perfect vintage and rustic pieces, this was the place to start.


Being there reminded me of the show Flea Market Flip on HGTV- there were some really unique items there! And vendors who only had a few pieces, but each with it’s own qualities that stood out.


This antique cart reminded me of one that my grandparents had in their basement. When the cousins and I were young, we had no idea of its purpose (still don’t!) and would just climb in and push each other around. Ah, memories!

While browsing, there were a few vendors who sold food. One stand in particular kept calling to me- it was a couple who were selling breads and spreads that they made. The olive bread looked fantastic- and I don’t even like olives! But I just had to try a slice.


So delicious! I regret not buying any, but will definitely do so the next time we go.

As far as shopping, we didn’t really have a plan or a set item we were looking for- just mainly looking to see if anything jumped out at us. I’ve mentioned the big blue wall on the blog before…and to pretty much everyone I know. It’s kind of become it’s own entity to the point where my mom even asked me what we’ll call it once it’s designed. Still the big blue wall- just a decorated one!

Anyway- it’s been our biggest design challenge and we are making headway figuring it out. We’ve ordered a console table and wall art and will be painting it this weekend (of course there will be a grand reveal post, but not until October when the table comes in- I’ll do update posts along the way though). So at the flea market we were considering items that could go on or below the table when we found…


…a set of antique wine barrels.

At first I was bummed that they weren’t the same size. I’ve been loving this Pinterest idea where you set up a piece of plywood on wine barrels for outdoor entertaining.


Yet, the different heights eliminated that idea. In addition, the taller one was in pretty bad shape. Then, I remembered another idea I had seen on Pinterest…


This particular console table and decor is a bit too classy for our taste, but what jumped out to me were the vases underneath. I figure the wine barrel would be a great starting point for under our new console table. So, we swooped it up for $17- a steal in our opinion!

We’re thinking a vintage stool for underneath as well…so I’m sure we’ll be back to The Golden Nugget on another hunt before you know it. Now I gotta just cross my fingers that the olive bread will still be there ;).

What is your sense of style when it comes to home decor?

Do you enjoy searching antique markets for those one-of-a-kind items?


8 thoughts on “The Golden Nugget

  1. What a perfect place to get some good items for home decorating! Antiques are perfect for a lot of DIY home decor. I love reading your decorating posts because even though I won’t have my own home for a while, I love dreaming up what it might look like someday 😉

    • Thank you, that is so sweet! It’s funny, we never really had a “vision” of our decorating style until we started so it’s cool you’re already thinking about it.

    • Look online- you’d probably be surprised! I had no idea about this one until my friend mentioned it (and then I told my husband and he said he’d been there a million times!) and it’s only a half hour away. There are also some flea markets here once a month at state parks so that’d be a good place to check too.

  2. I personally enjoy all types of design. I’d love to see the wine barrel idea when you get it all together! Also, I’m in love with those vases under the console and the mirror above it!

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