Date Night Policy

Very early on in our relationship, the dynamic duo that is Pete and Maria began taking turns planning dates for each other. We decided to make it into a policy of sorts and came up with some rules to keep it interesting.  This kept up for about a year and then fell to the wayside in the midst of wedding planning, followed by buying a house. This month, our monthly date nights began again and we thought it’d be fun to share our policy, our most recent date, and some ideas based on past dates we planned for each other.

Let’s begin with the policy, shall we?

  • One official “Date Night” per month
  • Alternate who plans the date each month
  • Date can be as small or as big as the planner desires
  • Entire date, including travel costs, paid for by the planner
  • All decisions on the date made by the planner

The August date was Maria’s to plan and she wanted to do something unique…something we’ve never done before. One day when we were antique shopping in Somerville, a sign advertising outdoor movie nights jumped out at her. Additionally, one of our favorite Thai restaurants, Origin, is also in Somerville. Thus, the date was born.


The atmosphere in Origin consists of dim lighting with traditional Asian accents. For starters, we ordered the Golden Curry Puff.


Wrapped in a flaky pastry crust is chicken and curry. Every bite melts in your mouth. The true underdog of the dish though is really the side cucumber salad. The diced cucumbers are marinated in flavoring that we can’t put our finger on, but paired with the curry is delightful.

Next up were the entrees.


Pete ordered the Roasted Chicken. It is cooked over a bed of sticky rice, which has a sweet coconut flavor. On the side are spears of asparagus that compliment the sesame coated chicken.

Maria had the Pad Thai.


No shocker there- that is her go-to at Thai restaurants, and one of her all-time favorite dishes. The combination of peanuts, chicken, bean sprouts, tofu, noodles, and egg is outstanding.

After dinner, we walked over to a frozen yogurt place across the street.


Maria loaded up on the toppings (as usual) while Pete kept it simple with a chocolate milkshake and cake batter mix.

Once we had our yogurt, we walked over to where the outdoor movie was set up.


We had brought our own chairs and set them up with a good view of the screen.


The outdoor projector screen was setup on Division Street, which is a trendy, cobblestone road in Somerville.


We enjoyed our yogurt and each other’s company while settling in for the feature presentation…Little Shop of Horrors!


Good thing we brought a blanket because it was actually quite a chilly night.


We cuddled up and watched our first outdoor movie- the perfect unique date!

Now, before we end our Date Night Policy post, we wanted to also give you ideas for date nights based on some we had planned in the past.

  • Parasailing (our very first “Date Night”)
  • Ghost Tour
  • Wine Tasting & Vineyard Tour
  • Cirque du Soleil
  • Exploring a City (in our case, Lower Manhattan)
  • Baseball game at Yankee Stadium (or any sporting event)

And there are many more great date ideas still to come. Pete is on deck for September.

What date night ideas can you add to the list?


8 thoughts on “Date Night Policy

  1. We do this too and I love it! We have gone paddleboarding, done picnics in the park, and tried out a new brewery and restaurant. Such a great way to experience different things in and around your city too!

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