A Glimpse into a Clean Eating Day

Last week I posted about the decision to follow an 80/20 clean eating lifestyle. While the clean eating journey began many months ago, maintaining a percentage has eased some of the pressure I’ve put on myself to be a “perfect” clean eater 100% of the time. While I’ve learned through blogs and magazines the many philosophies behind clean eats, I’ve been abiding by my own guidelines and am pleased to report that I’ve been less hard on myself and relatively ok with my food choices.

With that being said, it is always especially helpful to see the meals other clean eaters develop simply to get new ideas. While eating food in its most natural state is pretty straight forward, there is simply an abundance of recipes and resources out there to keep things interesting. This inspired me to document a day of “clean eats” (put in quotations because my eats are respective of my personal definition). Hopefully they will give you some ideas and be an inspiration to you!


Breakfast for me is typically a yogurt bowl.


Each day, my yogurt bowls consist of the same ingredients: nut butter, Chobani, Bare Naked granola, and berries.


Mix it all together for a delicious, nutritious, and filling breakfast!


My afternoon meal varies each day, but here is a typical example.


On a wrap, spread a Laughing Cow cheese. On top, place 2 slices of turkey, tomato slices, and a sliced up pear.


Wrap and eat alongside some fruit (I had the remainder of the pear in this case).


Just as with lunch, dinner is different each night. An enjoyable hobby of mine is researching and trying new recipes for my husband and I. One of our favorites is Southwestern Chicken Burgers and homemade Sweet Potato Fries (both recipes coming soon).


Made with fresh vegetables and ground chicken- outstanding!


My sweet tooth is my weakness. Each night after dinner, I like to have a little something to satisfy it. Instead of keeping Oreos or Hershey Kisses in the house, I stick with Barbara’s Snackimals instead.


While it may be hard to justify any type of sweet, Snackimals are organic and made with all recognizable ingredients on a short ingredient list. Meets my criteria!

Welp, there ya have it- a typical clean eating day that makes up my 80%. Hope you were able to get some ideas!

What are some go-to clean eating meals that you enjoy?


5 thoughts on “A Glimpse into a Clean Eating Day

  1. Love that breakfast. One of my go-to’s as well! I love making smoothies and adding kale or spinach (you can’t taste it!) Also roasting tons of my favorite veggies with a side of seasoned/dressed quinoa, lentils, or brown rice is a quick and easy go to clean dinner! AND that burger looks amazing!

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