The Hat Lady

One of my passions in life is fashion and putting together practical outfits. I’d love to start incorporating some fashion posts into the blog, including outfit breakdowns. For now, I’ll start with a love of mine, and a bit of fashion history. Hope you enjoy and want to see more!

Here’s a bit of a confession…I’m obsessed with hats. Fedoras especially but you name it, I want it. This fascination began last year when I was shopping for our honeymoon. I came across a fedora in J Crew and thought, “You could never pull this off.” But I tried it on and actually really liked it. I wasn’t sure how much I’d wear it, but it was on sale so I figured why not give it a shot.


Well, I wore the hat pretty much nonstop on our honeymoon. And for the rest of the summer.

What attracts me to these hats is the different colored bands that are seen around them, which allows for personalization. This particular hat has a thick seersucker band that matches well with almost anything. The pinched front and the straw brim make it a perfect summer accessory.


What I found was the hat helped me let go of a lot of hair concerns due to weather such as rain or humidity. Now, when I know I’m going to be outdoors for a while, I’ll just throw on a fedora and still have a cute look even though my hair may be a mess underneath!

Obviously I needed to add to my collection. When in Niagara Falls, my mom and I came across a hat boutique called BeauChapeau, which is where I purchased Fedora #2.


It has the same shape and base color as my first one, but with blue and pink colored fibers and a brown band. The pinches are not as dramatic and the fibers themselves are stronger.


I’ve been alternating between the two…that is until I discovered a new style.

Ever since Niagara-on-the-Lake I’m drawn to hat boutiques. When we visited Baltimore there was a hat shop which is where I first became exposed to the Panama Hat. The Panama Hat got it’s name when President Roosevelt was visiting the construction of the Panama Canal and a picture was snapped of him wearing one.


This drastically increased the popularity of the hats, which are primarily made in Ecuador. Unfortunately, they did not have the Panama Hat in my size. Lucky for me though, J Crew did!

IMG_20130812_121037_724-2J Crew Panama Hat

After tracking the hat down in person so that I could try it on, the Panama Hat is my most recent acquisition. The hat has a much wider brim then my two fedoras, but the same front pinches and band. May not seem like much, but the wider brim makes a big difference and impression when on. I’m looking forward to wearing it for the rest of the summer and sharing more fashion posts, tips, and information with you!

Do you wear hats? What is your favorite style?

Would you be interested in seeing more fashion posts/outfit breakdowns on the blog?


6 thoughts on “The Hat Lady

  1. I’m totally with you on the fedora love! Within the last few years, spending time in bright sunlight has started giving me headaches… the silver lining is that lead me to discover just how wonderful hats can be. I’ve never had an accessory that works so hard, covering up bad hair and protecting my face from the sun. Now I’m hardly ever outside in the summer without a fedora or baseball cap on – I need to expand my collection though!

  2. I love these on you!
    I’ve never been one to wear hats, even though I love them on other people. I did just order a monogrammed baseball cap from etsy after falling in love with a similar, but more expensive, one from JCrew. I can’t wait to get it!

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