Psychic Night

You know, I’ve sat down about 5 times over the past month to write this post, but each time shut my lap top and figured it just wasn’t a good idea. Reasons included not enough pictures (silly blogger), too outrageous, and too personal. Even as I’m typing these few sentences, my instinct is telling me this is not a good idea. So in general, I think I’ll keep the post light.


In July, eight family members (including myself) went to a psychic/medium night called “Food and Spirits” at a restaurant. Included in the price was dinner at the restaurant followed by readings from a psychic.


I took some pics with my sis, bro, and mom during the dinner part (which is what you’ll see interspersed throughout the post) but the psychic made it very clear that no photos of her doing readings were allowed. How do I know how clear it was? Because I tried to sneak one and she called me out in front of the entire restaurant!


Anyways, I don’t know how personal I want to get with my family’s reading, but thought I would share some of the interesting tidbits I learned from the medium before she started doing the readings. These were gathered from a Q&A session she did while guests were eating dinner.

  • When you dream about a love one who has passed, it is them paying you a visit.
  • Spirits don’t speak. In fact, they can’t speak (to mediums). Instead what the medium gets is energy. This is why when you go for a reading with a medium it tends to be very choppy.
  • All mediums are psychics. Meaning they can communicate with the dead as well as tell about your past, present, and future. But not all psychics are mediums.
  • Part of getting certified as a medium involves being blindfolded and having to read someone in front of you who you can’t see.

The first bullet point really stood out to me because I have dreams about my cousin who passed away all the time. It definitely brought me comfort to know that maybe she’s right, maybe he’s visiting.

As far as our family’s reading, much of it was very emotional and personal. Looking back, I’m a bit skeptical and really haven’t made up my mind about the whole experience (I’ll explain why later) but it was definitely interesting to say the least.

  • When my grandma “came through” the medium said it was it was difficult to understand because she was using a different language (my nonna spoke Italian)
  • She was able to identify the way that two of my cousins had passed
  • The medium made a reference to a dress that my grandmother was supposed to sew, but she forgot how to. This is when we knew her Alzheimer’s disease had really begun.
  • She mentioned how much “full of life” my cousin was

There was a lot more, as she spoke with our table for almost an hour, but it would involve much personal back story. So, why am I skeptical?

  • Looking at our table, noticing how loud we were, getting dubbed the “trouble table” – could you not tell that we were Italian?
  • Couldn’t you say anyone was “full of life”?
  • Are we stretching the dress connection to make it fit our situation?
  • A lot of time she would say things like, “Who’s the L name?” or “What’s this important date in April?” and then we’d figure something out to her very enthusiastic “YES!” But is it really what she or the spirit was getting at?

Going into the experience, I didn’t know much about mediums and really didn’t have high expectations. But I did think if a spirit came through, they’d be able to convey a message, such as, “Don’t worry about me, I’m all right.” Unfortunately, it wasn’t like that at all. It was really just her talking about the spirits. The medium does private readings and it’s definitely something I’d be interested in doing. I wouldn’t pursue it on my own, but if my family had a private reading at one of our homes, I’d attend to see what other information she could provide.

All in all it was an interesting night and I definitely left with my mind reeling. Yet, in no way did it prove to me that mediums are 100% realistic. We’ll probably never know that! But I did leave with some comfort knowing that maybe, just maybe my family members really were together and really were ok.

Have you ever gone to see a medium? What was your experience like?

Do you believe that mediums can really communicate with spirits?



7 thoughts on “Psychic Night

  1. I would love to go to a medium. I went and got my palm read once, but I think I was going through a really hard time and was looking for anything to give me a little bit of hope that things were going to get better, and of course it did, but looking back I thought it was pretty phony.

  2. hahaha she kept calling us the trouble table.. I thought the whole experience was awesome and would ABSOLUTELY do it again!!! Maybe at my house?? Anyways, she was spot on with our two cousins, and with nonna.. she really was.. I’m surprised you were skeptical about the sewing thing.. Besides the cousins, that was what really shocked me..I actually left there really believing! I am naive?!? Oh and may I add that not only did she call you out in front of everyone in the restaurant, but then she stalked you when you came out of the girls room to vent about it more.. lol, your reaction was great though!! Love uuu and cannot wait to do it again!!! Even if we just have to go to another one! It was a great experience, regardless of if it were true or not.. But I definitely did believe in a lot of what she was saying.. AND wasnt the first things she said about grandma besides her not speaking english was the “jo jo jo jo jo jo”.. I could have sworn! Although I am still wondering why the heck every “F” sounding name she would go “F like Filomena”.. seriously who the HECK is Filomena!!!! “Filomena” was coming through at every damn table lol.. Besides the filomena thing, I do have one other complaint.. that woman who was writing everything down had the WORST handwriting and speedwriting I have EVER seen!! Ok thats all love u

  3. I also want to add that regarding our one cousin, not only did she identify the way he died, but the way she identified it was right on point (party/impact/was invited out that night but went to party instead).. That was definitely my most emotional point, I started sobbing.. she was spot on and it was sad, and brought back all those emotions, but it was also comforting .. I hope you dont think I just got to personal.. I just wanted to share my thoughts as well since I was with you. (just an fyi, I took pics on my phone of all that that lady with the HORRIBLE handwriting wrote down, and just reread them before I typed this to make sure I was remembering correctly, and she def did say those things about him)..let me know if you want me to send you the pics of everything that bad handwriting woman wrote.

    You really have me wanting to go again like asap! I am glad we got to do this together.. I love you

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