Italian American Fair

Recently when I was browsing around online, I came across an advertisement for an Italian American fair in the town located next to my parent’s. It immediately caught my eye because, well, I’m Italian…love fairs…and love Italian food! I coordinated with my sister, brother, and parents and we choose a night to go. Let’s be honest, I was just excited for the zeppoles ;).


Upon walking in, it was a bit smaller than I thought it would be. At first glance, we noticed a few rides, a couple of food stands, and some carnival games. First up was a bit of browsing at the stands, where my dad purchased an Italian flag magnet for the back of his car.


Then, we headed over to the rides. My sister and her husband brought their two kids and it was great to watch their excitement. 

One of the rides you couldn’t miss was the Ring of Fire.


Surprisingly, my six year old niece really wanted to go on! Now, I can do roller coasters with loops…but rides that are literally just a single loop over and over again…no thank you, sir. So instead, hubby and I just posed all nice and pretty in front of the ride!


But my sister, brother, and niece headed up the ladder to their doom.


Bella, my niece, came off with a huge smile on her face asking if she could go again! Rides like this…


…are clearly not up her alley!

As for my nephew, my brother took him on a ride similar to a Tilt-a-Whirl, but at a slower pace for a little guy.


He enjoyed it! And I just love that picture with the two of them looking at each other- so cute!

Next up were some games. Pete and I tried to teach the kids had to play Frog Bog, but to no success!


Now the squirt game was another story!


We played a few times and both Pete and I won, which was great because we were able to get each of the kids a prize. 


Sorry, bro…despite your intense face we still beat ya ;).


Speaking of my bro, he was feeling affectionate and gave me a big bear hug and kiss- a rarity!

Finally, we ended the night with some delicious zeppoles.


They are my favorite Italian treat. If you’ve ever gone (or go) to Italy, the zeppoles are very different there. In Italy, it’s more of a doughnut consistency with regular (not powdered) sugar sprinkled on top. They melt in your mouth- there’s really nothing like it.


But I’ll still take a close second with American zepps! (Hello, disembodied hand).

All in all, a fun family night at the fair!

Do you enjoy going to fair during the summer?

What is a food you’ve had in the native country that is very different in America?



7 thoughts on “Italian American Fair

  1. we should start going every year 🙂 Although I wish they had more food vendors.. Not sure what that was all about considering it was supposed to be an italian american fair but the kids had fun, and we did too, so that’s all that matters!

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