Grass Seed Progress

Remember when Pete and I tackled planting our own grass? Well, some time has passed and an update was in order. Here’s how it’s going…

There are many spots where the grass is growing in nicely. It’s so exciting to see!


However, there are just as many bald patches where nothing is going on.


We figured it’d be best to put down some more grass seed in the bare areas and to really make sure we were doing it right.

Back to basics…I began by removing the hay in the bare spots and using a gardening trowel to loosen up the soil.


Pete sprinkled some more grass seed where needed.


It’s blue!


A mistake I believe we made last time was not raking the seed in enough. All directions we’ve read said to do so lightly. Well, we took that as “barely touch it.” So this time around, I ensured that the grass seed was interacting with the soil by using a “scratch” type of movement with a plastic rake.


I would lightly move the rake back and forth as you would if you were scratching your arm. Pete finished the job by adding some new hay.

Is this going to work? No idea…but I sure hope so! It’s possible we’re not being patient enough, as a video we watched online said it could take months. We just figured it’d be a good idea to add a bit more seed and complete the process correctly. Now we’ll just tend to it everyday with water and hopefully in a month or so we can show you pics of a fully grassed area…not just random patches!

Have you ever patched a bare spot with some new grass seed?


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