A Labor Day Birthday

Happy Labor Day, everyone! Hope you are enjoying your day off and having a great “unofficial” last day of summer. I’m really excited to share the amazingness that was our weekend and promise to do so over the next few days. But today, I’ll keep it short and sweet with some nephew pics!

My adorable nephew Cameron was born over Labor Day weekend in 2010. Every year we get together to celebrate and have a cake for him. Before cake though, there was some pool time!


Don’t mind the pink swimmies- they were all my parents had at their house!

After swimming, Cameron got a new mohawk hairdo from my brother.



When it was time for cake, the little guy kept blowing out the candle while we were singing!


At least I was able to get that shot of him!


That’s my gorgeous sister and her two kiddies.

My favorite part was watching Cameron open his gifts. A few weeks back, Pete’s niece turned 2. His parents got her a sleeping back and she went nuts for it. So, Pete and I decided to get Cameron a Cars sleeping bag and hope for the same reaction.


Well, this picture really tells it all. Just maxin’ and relaxin’.

Enjoy your day everyone- hope you’ll stop back tomorrow to hear about our weekend fig picking!

What’s a gift you’ve gotten a great response from?


5 thoughts on “A Labor Day Birthday

    • Haha were those tears of joy or sadness? All my sister and I ever wanted as kids was an easy bake oven but my mom thought they were too dangerous. I think we’d cry tears of joy if we actually had gotten one!

  1. How did I miss all these posts!!!! Love this one!! HAHA, when I saw the pic of Cam with the pink swimmies, I thought to myself, omg everyone is going to wonder why he has pink swimmies! Thanks for clarifying!! You are the best aunt/godmother ever to my kids 🙂 We love u!

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