Fig Success

Remember a few weeks back when my mom and I found my nonno’s tree full of unripened figs? Well over the holiday weekend, we were successful!


It’s become one of our Labor Day traditions to visit Brooklyn on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. My parents, husband, and I drove in with plans of fig picking, shopping at the market, and Spumoni Gardens.


When we got to my grandparent’s house, Pete and my dad headed into the garden to start getting the figs down…


…but the ripe figs were up really high! However, they did a really good job because in the end we had quite the bounty.


Luckily the tenant was there to get a family shot! I really love this picture- it’s one of my new favorites.


Once we had our basket full of figs, we drove to 86th Street.


86th Street is a very busy road lined with outdoor produce markets.


They have great, fresh produce for excellent prices. For example, we bought 3 pints of raspberries for $2. We can’t even get one for that price at our markets!


Last stop was Spumoni Gardens- it was Pete’s first time! I was really looking forward to him trying the spumoni ice, but first we had some pizza slices for lunch.


Afterwards, we all enjoyed a refreshing rainbow spumoni ice- just to die for!

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We were actually prepared with a cooler to buy two quarts and a pint to bring home- we love it that much!

The Saturday of Labor Day weekend is easily one of my favorite days of the year. I’d say there’s 2 days above it…Christmas Eve and the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Want to know what happens then? Well, you’ll have to drop by tomorrow. But I’ll give you a hint. It involved a lot of vino ;).

Does your family have any Labor Day weekend traditions?

Have you been enjoying fresh figs this season?


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