Wishlist: Fall Fashion

Out of all 4 seasons, the one that hits my wallet the hardest when it comes to fashion is Autumn. Booties, leggings, blazers, cardigans, chunky sweaters…all of the above please! Any other season there’s a few pieces here and there that I want to add to my collection, but nothing compares to fall. I’ve been pouring over the J Crew and Madewell catalogues (of course) and wanted to share a few pieces that have caught my eye…and my wallet.

J Crew recently offered 25% off of their new fall items, which I definitely took advantage of. Two pieces in particular really stood out to me. The first was this tweed skirt.

03414_WD9627(tie-waist tweed mini)

Look closely and you’ll notice hints of pink and brown which add some color to the otherwise gray skirt. The tie at the waist provides a cute touch, too. Plus, who doesn’t love tweed in the fall?! I picked this up and plan to wear it on the first day of school…and maybe even into the winter for Christmas dinner with some patterned tights and riding boots.

If you’ve seen the J Crew September Style Guide or been to their website, you must have noticed the Kiss Kiss tee splattered everywhere.

kiss kiss(kiss kiss tee)

I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. Anything in different languages typically jumps out at me, but that fact that it’s the word “kiss” is just adorable. Can you identify all the languages? I had to look them up online! Anyways- the shirt is very versatile. I’m planning on wearing it casually with jeans but also really love the way it looks tucked into skirts, including the tweed skirt!

Speaking of jeans…I purchased my first pair of jeans from J Crew’s sister store, Madewell. I made the 30 minute drive to Madewell last week looking to buy a pair of leopard flats (more on that later) and ended up getting these awesome zip ankle skinny jeans.

zip(skinny skinny ankle zip jeans in pool wash)

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a rarity and something that should not be passed up! When I tried them on, they fit like a glove so I knew they couldn’t be passed up. What also really attracted me to them was the zip ankle, which reminded me of the 80s and added a touch of grunge in my opinion.

Back to the leopard flats…this is something I’ve been searching for since last fall and just haven’t found an affordable pair that I love. The ones at J Crew are fabulous, but all cost $260-300. When I saw these on the Madewell website for $118, I thought I had found the winner.

skimmer(the sidewalk skimmer in calf hair)

Can you tell how in the back how they come to a point and are not rounded? It’s much more dramatic in person. Well, no matter what size I tried on, they just weren’t working for me. It wasn’t comfortable and felt too big with that back gap. Nonetheless, the hunt continues. Unless someone wants to buy me these $300 leopard flats from J Crew.

use this leopard(collection janey calf hair flats)

No takers? Shocker!

Last but not least on my wishlist is another hat. I’ve written recently about my hat obsession, but the ones I have are all summer hats. This, on the other hand, sure feels like a fall hat to me!

hat(embroidered emblem baseball cap)

I love how it’s simply a fancier version of a baseball cap. The hard-to-decipher monogram makes it suitable for anyone and the gold color brings a touch of elegance to an American classic. It must be popular, considering it’s backordered until October! Ugh, hope to find this one in stores, ladies and gents.

Anywho- hope I’m not alone in my love for fall fashion. So tell me, what’s on your fall fashion wishlist?


6 thoughts on “Wishlist: Fall Fashion

  1. The skirt is great, I’ve had my eye on it. I do have the Madewell leopard print flats, and while I have no problem with the fit (and they go with everything) I will say that the calf hair rubs off pretty quickly in some spots and that has been a little annoying.

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