Indian Feast

The first time I ever tried Indian food was on our honeymoon. The food was completely unfamiliar and a bit overwhelming. I ended up hating my meal and just eating the naan bread. After that, I kinda wrote off Indian food. That is until Pete and I started watching The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network.

One of the teams is called Tikka Tikka Taco. I’m kinda obsessed with them. They may block me from stalking them so much on Twitter! Everything they make just looks so amazing and it really inspired me to try Indian food again.


I have a few friends that love Indian food so I asked them for some recommendations. With those in mind, Pete and I headed out on Saturday night to a local Indian restaurant called Masala Art. We had such a great experience and I wanted to document it here for you in case anyone else is new to the cuisine and would like to learn more!

When we arrived, we were greeted by several different waiters. Anywhere else I may have thought this confusing, but after being there a while, we realized the restaurant was really a community. No one particular person helped you, but rather everyone. They all checked in on you, asked you what you needed, brought you food, etc. We were almost immediately brought some Papadum.


Papadum is basically a thin wafer that is crispy like a potato chip. Alongside were two types of chutney, mint and onion. The papadum had a bit of a kick to it but was very tasty, especially when paired with the chutney.

As an appetizer, we ordered the Chicken Pakora.


Basically these were pieces of chicken coated in batter and fried. The star of the show was the tamarind sauce. We couldn’t put our finger on it, but the sauce had a sweet taste, almost like mangoes. I also loved the seasoning on the chicken (which you can see sprinkled around the plate) and wish I had asked which spices were used.

When it came to our entrees, we noticed we already had plates and were wondering how we’d be served if they weren’t bringing our food on plates. Basically, it came family style in a way- all served on platters in the center of the table so that you could share. We loved this and felt it contributed back to the community feel of the restaurant.

Pete ordered the Chicken Chilli.


His meal reminded me of fajitas in the sense that it came with chicken, peppers, and onions- but instead of tortillas you eat it over rice.

I went with the entree that ironically both of my friends had recommended: Malai Kofta.


The Malai Kofta were vegetable and cheese balls served in a creamy sauce. Both entrees were served with rice.


On the side we had an order of Garlic Naan and holy wow- if you’ve never had garlic naan before you need to get to an Indian restaurant STAT!

So I’m sure you can tell I’m pretty much an Indian food lover at this point. Long way from the experience on our honeymoon but boy am I glad we gave it another shot.

Have you ever had Indian food? What are some of your favorite dishes?

Do you enjoy trying new cuisines? Give us a cuisine recommendation to try next!



8 thoughts on “Indian Feast

  1. I love Indian food even though it is too spicy for me. We threw a Bollywood party for our 10th anniversary and had our local restaurant cater. Everyone raved about the food. My youngest can put away a platter of garlic naan by himself:)

  2. I love Indian food!! Most ethnic food is good in my books but Indian is my favourite. Something that’s great about Indian is that you can easily have it vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free and still have a delisicous meal.

    My husband was born in Bangladesh so my mother in law makes the best Bengali food which is very similar.

    Good job trying it again! It can be hard to give something a second shot after a not great first experience!

    • I’ve never had Bengali food but would love to try it, especially if it’s similar to Indian. Have you ever come across Bengali restaurants?
      I agree that Indian food is versatile because it really caters to all food lovers despite their eating choices.

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