Fall Fashion Bargains

Ever since declaring my love for fall fashion, I’ve been slowly but surely accumulating items off of my wishlist while searching for bargains for the more expensive items. I’ve been a bit successful, as have some of my friends, so I figured a bargain fashion post was called for!

To begin, I’ve been lusting over leopard flats since last autumn. As mentioned in my wishlist post, I wasn’t able to find a pair I loved that was affordable. The leopard flats I really wanted were $300 at J Crew.

use this leopard(collection janey calf hair flats)

While I’ll typically splurge on J Crew flats because they are such great quality, $300 was just too much.

Since the similar pair from Madewell didn’t work out, I’ve still been on the hunt. Until I came across these.

madden(steven by steve madden paigge leopard haircalf flat)

Do they not look almost identical?! They are also calfhair and have the exact same gold heel!

madden 2

These bargain shoes are Steve Madden which I found at Bloomingdale’s for $89. That’s a fraction of the cost. But, it gets better. I decided to keep searching and found the exact same pair on the HSN website for $60!!! There are tons of HSN.com coupon codes out there and I ended up paying $57 including shipping.

Total Savings: $241 woot woot!

The next fashion bargain I discovered was courtesy of my roomie Nicole, who blogs over at A Wild Hope. Nicole and I were both lusting over the Embroidered Emblem Baseball Cap at J Crew.

hat(embroidered emblem baseball cap)

This has been on backorder pretty much ever since its reveal in the fall catalogue. However, I was luckily able to find it at a J Crew store.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 3.46.17 PM

It’s a store that’s about 1/2 hour away but for some reason always has the accessories I’m looking for in stock. It’s where I was also able to snag my Panama Hat.

While I paid the full price of $48, Nicole found a much better bargain and did not have to wait for the item to return from backorder.


Very similar style and you can choose the letters to be embroidered! Nicole’s purchase was made on Etsy via this shop for only $10.

Nicole’s total savings: $38!

Pretty sweet deals! Hope we were able to save you some money. I’ll be on the lookout for more fashion bargains and will keep you updated on any findings. In the meantime, please share any fall fashion bargains you’ve discovered!


3 thoughts on “Fall Fashion Bargains

  1. I LOVE the shoes !! The Steve Madden shoes are just as adorable as the J Crew (lol I knew they were J Crew you J Crew junkie!!) .. They are going to look so cute with all your cream colored clothes!!! Can’t wait to see them

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